Nursing homes residents go weeks without bathing (gotta keep ’em safe from COVID, after all)

A July 22 report, from the Ontario Health Coalition, states that:

“[66% of survey homes] report that residents miss baths or showers entirely or they are delayed. In some cases, staff give bed baths instead of real baths or showers as there is not enough staff (two are needed) to use a hoist or there is no time to do full showering or baths… Staff report some residents are going weeks without bathing.”

Are we really supposed to believe that a peak in nursing homes deaths is caused by COVID-19? The growing mountain of evidence would suggest that nursing home deaths have had more to do with COVID-19 restrictions rather than any particular corona common cold virus.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that not cleaning seniors will lead to a weakened immune system, which will lead to respiratory illness. And such neglect is simply what they have openly admitted to. What takes place behind lockdowned doors is likely far worse, as the Canadian Armed Forces found back in May.

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