NY Times Claims Balenciaga Pedo Scandal Is QAnon Conspiracy Theory

NY Times Claims Balenciaga Pedo Scandal Is QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

In the wake of the ongoing Balenciaga pedophilia propaganda scandal, the New York Times produced a piece Tuesday that essentially claimed the entire thing is some sort of QAnon conspiracy theory.

In the report, the Times suggests that only the likes of QAnon, Tucker Carlson, The New York Post, and Fox News are spreading the idea that the luxury fashion brand condones child exploitation.

Kiddy bondage is high fashion.
Not liking kiddy bondage is QAnon.
– New York Times

The battle is already engaged people. Sooner or later, you must choose a side. This is not a time for luke-warm people.https://t.co/5bxjWlf8hu

— Tim Wood (@TimOnPoint) November 29, 2022

The piece states “they ignited a firestorm that traveled from the internet to Fox News, fueled by allegations that Balenciaga condoned child exploitation. The controversy has become one of the most explicit collisions of internet culture, politics, fashion and conspiracy theories to date.”

It further posits that “As online criticism of the campaigns spread, the story was picked up across right-leaning media outlets, including The New York Post and the prime time Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show has helped to publicize and mainstream QAnon, the internet conspiracy theory that ‘a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.’”

The report adds “Here you have a major international retail brand promoting kiddie porn and sex with children,” Mr. Carlson told viewers on Nov. 22, “and not promoting it subtly but right out in the open.”

Hey @nytimes, how was the ad NOT child exploitation? From the bondage-gear clad teddy bears to the legal documents related to child pornography in the frame, where’s the conspiracy exactly? pic.twitter.com/Q4z9ECbabJ

— Katherine Brodsky (@mysteriouskat) November 30, 2022

A reminder of the shoot in question…

There is NO acceptable reason to be exposing children to BDSM. The court document in the ad appears to be a case known as ‘Free speech coalition vs Ashcroft’ (look it up) this is sick & now Balenciaga has deleted all post on IG & changed the photo on the site. More info in thread https://t.co/EBQqk1POXL

— Tori Nicks 2.0 🛰 (@MajestyRia) November 21, 2022

Go down the rabbit hole and it’s even more brutal…

Apparently #Balenciaga just released the photoshoot for their new products which included a very purposely poorly hidden court document about “virtual child porn” (https://t.co/KrLU2s6LQE).

This cannot be accepted, they’re not even hiding it anymore. Stop grooming out children. pic.twitter.com/MBRRUofk5P

— vane (@callmevaneg) November 21, 2022

🚨 OHHHHHH MYYYYY G— #BALENCIAGA… 𝗜𝗧 𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗦 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗦𝗘!!!!!!!!!!!🚨 pic.twitter.com/Fa6TOO6EXk

— NΛTLY DΞNISΞ (@itsnatlydenise) November 23, 2022

A thread on WHO is REALLY behind the #Balenciaga ads:

The Devil In Disguise: Lotta Volkova

1. She has been one of the main stylist in Balenciaga since 2014.
2.She has a relationship with an accused pedophile.
3. We can’t only boycott #Balenciaga but also the people behind it. pic.twitter.com/RjDYU283wj

— curioslight (@curioslight) November 27, 2022

Why do clearly sick and disturbed people so often get into positions of power and influence? https://t.co/qqWnZ1rjGk

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) November 28, 2022

The fashion company even apologised and brought a lawsuit against the ad agency responsible.

Ps. Even Balenciaga issued an ass-covering apology & sued ad agency.

— Katherine Brodsky (@mysteriouskat) November 30, 2022

Many charged that the Times is protecting the fashion label:

Why is the ⁦@nytimes⁩ defending Balenciaga? https://t.co/LuZnxwHR4x

— Abed A. Ayoub (@aayoub) November 30, 2022

We see you @nytimes trying to make the Balenciaga scandal into a “right wing conspiracy theory” so you can protect the Kardashians and ignore the severe creepiness of creating and condoning child porn and abuse in fashion. 😠 😡 😒 🤢 https://t.co/KlWB29A9eo

— Elisha (@ElishaKrauss) November 30, 2022

The gas lighting in this article by not 1 or 2, but 3 writers for @nytimes is disgusting.
Pedophilia has nothing to do w/politics.
It isn’t a conspiracy theory. Balenciaga knows what they did.@nytimes stop protecting your rich friends. #BalenciagaGatehttps://t.co/m0vQGkpmWX

— Ruxi (@R03392040) November 30, 2022

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