NYC Subway Shooting: Nobody Has to Explain This?

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Here’s a look at one aspect of the reality machine:

In the New Culture, a man with an extensive criminal background, with cases still pending, can commit a new murder, and no one has to explain how this happens.

That’s the rule.

There is no scandal. No one is fired.

The only “explanation” is: too many guns are available.

ABC News: “The alleged suspect in the unprovoked fatal shooting of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez on a Q train in New York City was ordered held without bail on Wednesday.”

“Andrew Abdullah, 25, of Brooklyn, was arrested Wednesday after arranging a surrender through his pastor to officers at the 5th precinct, according to law enforcement sources.”

“During a court appearance Wednesday, prosecutors described Abdullah as a man with an extensive criminal history who, after allegedly shooting Enriquez in the chest, told the other passengers to put their cell phones away, according to ABC New York station WABC.”

“Abdullah has about 20 prior arrests, including an outstanding gun charge from last year, according to sources. He also has prior arrests for assault, robbery, menacing and grand larceny, sources said.”

“Abdullah has three cases that are still pending, including an April arrest for fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property for allegedly being found with a stolen motorcycle, as well as a June 2021 arrest for violating a protective order and March 2021 arrest for assault.”

But he’s out of jail, walking around?

“In January 2020, Abdullah was arrested as part of a gun-related case and in May 2017 he was charged with second-degree attempted murder as part of an 83-count federal indictment of the Harlem-based street gangs Fast Money and Nine Block. Abdullah was sentenced to three years in federal prison, but served just four months before being released in 2019.”

I see. Sentenced to three years, but served only four months.

How? Why?

ABC News apparently feels no need to find out.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams isn’t asking, either.

New rule. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

It’s just the New Normal.

—1997 movie, Devil’s Advocate. After young ambitious attorney Keanu Reeves learns his boss in an endlessly corrupt NY law firm, Al Pacino, is a) his father, and b) Satan, Keanu, a bit PUT OFF, asks dad why he’s in the law business, why he’s chosen that vehicle; and Al says:

“Because, the law, my boy, puts us into everything. It’s the ultimate backstage pass. It’s the new priesthood, baby. Did you know there are more students in law school than lawyers walking the Earth? We’re coming out…guns blazing! The two of you—all of us, acquittal after acquittal after acquittal—until the stench of it reaches so high and far into Heaven, it chokes the whole fucking lot of them!”

Just a thought.

Reprinted with permission from on Jon Rappoport’s blog.

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