NYT Confirms Biden Murdered Innocent Family In Kabul Drone Strike

NYT Confirms Biden Murdered Innocent Family In Kabul Drone Strike

President Joe Biden murdered an innocent family when the US military conducted a “righteous strike” on Aug. 29 against a vehicle that American officials thought was an ISIS bomb that posed an imminent threat to thousands of people at the Kabul airport.

In a late Friday afternoon report, the New York Times reveals that “Military officials said they did not know the identity of the car’s driver when the drone fired, but deemed him suspicious because of how they interpreted his activities that day, saying that he possibly visited an ISIS safe house and, at one point, loaded what they thought could be explosives into the car.”

In reality, they were filling water bottles.

Biden and Milley claimed this was an ISIS attack in the making

They were filling water bottles

And their entire family was murdered so Joe Biden could get a headline pic.twitter.com/kSXn0cbW3d

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) September 10, 2021

More via the New York Times

Times reporting has identified the driver as Zemari Ahmadi, a longtime worker for a U.S. aid group. The evidence, including extensive interviews with family members, co-workers and witnesses, suggests that his travels that day actually involved transporting colleagues to and from work. And an analysis of video feeds showed that what the military may have seen was Mr. Ahmadi and a colleague loading canisters of water into his trunk to bring home to his family.

While the U.S. military said the drone strike might have killed three civilians, Times reporting shows that it killed 10, including seven children, in a dense residential block.

Mr. Ahmadi, 43, had worked since 2006 as an electrical engineer for Nutrition and Education International, a California-based aid and lobbying group. The morning of the strike, Mr. Ahmadi’s boss called from the office at around 8:45 a.m., and asked him to pick up his laptop.

Scroll down for a lengthy recap by one of the NYT journos

Milley lied. He murdered a US ally and his entire family.

War crime.

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) September 10, 2021

The Biden administration lied about who it killed with its drone strike. They had no idea who they hit. The media mindlessly repeated the false claim that they killed “terrorists” when, in fact, they just killed innocent people.

A perfect summation of the US Endless Wars: https://t.co/1qNbQZWrYQ

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 10, 2021

As we noted last week, NBC News spoke with members of the Ahmadi family who said they were hoping to make it onto an evacuation flight out of Kabul before the United States ended its withdrawal from the country.

Ramal Ahmadi is supported by family members during a mass funeral in Kabul on Monday.Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“They were 10 civilians,” said Emal Ahmadi, whose 2-year-old toddler, Malika was among those killed. “My daughter … she was 2 years old,” he said.

Malika Ahmadi, 2, was among those killed in Sunday’s U.S. drone strike in Kabul, her father, Emal Ahmadi, told NBC News.Courtesy / Emal Ahmadi

More via NBC News:

That day, Ahmadi’s cousin, Zemari Ahmadi, 38, had just pulled up at home from work, with his 13-year-old son, Farzad, his youngest of three, racing to greet him. (Other reports have said Farzad was 12, but both Ahmadi and another relative told NBC News he was 13.)

Farzad, who had just learned to drive, wanted to park his father’s car, a wish Zemari was happy to oblige as other family members gathered around.

It was in that moment that Ahmadi said an explosion tore through the vehicle, killing Zemari, Farzad and eight other family members, as was first reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, Washington is “not in a position” to dispute reports that the Sunday drone strike killed civilians, however he claimed that one of the family members belonged to radical Islamic group, ISIS-K.

Malika and two other toddlers were the youngest family members killed, along with Ahmadi’s nephews Arwin, 7, and Benyamin, 6, and Zemari’s two other sons, Zamir, 20, and Faisal, 16, Ahmadi said.

Zemari was a technical engineer for Nutrition and Education International, a nonprofit working to address malnutrition based in Pasadena, California.

Just a day before his death, he had been helping to prepare and deliver soy-based meals to women and children at refugee camps in Kabul, Steven Kwon, president of NEI, told NBC News in an email.

One colleague and friend of six years to Zemari said he was devastated, while also describing Ahmadi as a “good man with good ethics.”

Residents and family members gather next to a damaged vehicle a day after the drone strike. Wakil Kohsar / AFP – Getty Images

Also killed in Biden’s drone strike was Ahmad Naser – a former officer in the Afghan Army and contractor with the US military, according to his cousin. Naser was days away from his wedding when he was killed.

Instead, there will be a funeral.

“They were all buried,” said 31-year-old Yousef. “We’re all ruined. The family is gone.”

A relative throws himself on Farzad’s casket.Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

According to an evidence-free statement by US Central Command, however, there “were substantial and powerful subsequent explosions resulting from the destruction of the vehicle,” suggesting that there was a “large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties.”

*  *  *

We now know that was utter bullshit.

Times journalist Evan Hill recaps the entire event in the following Twitter thread:

Ahmadi was a 14-year employee of Nutrition & Education International, a U.S. NGO that fights malnutrition. He helped start up soy factories, repair machinery, transport his colleagues and distribute food from his Corolla to displaced Afghans. pic.twitter.com/S7r1TyHBs0

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

But the U.S. military was on high alert. Three days earlier, an Islamic State suicide attack at the Kabul airport had killed 13 troops and more than 170 Afghans. “All threat warnings are flashing red,” a senior official told us. They expected another attack. pic.twitter.com/2haQhzhhHo

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

But @mattaikins interviewed all 5 men who were in the car with Ahmadi that day. They said that what the military interpreted as a series of suspicious moves represented a typical day in his life. He drove his colleagues around town, where they made plans for food distributions. pic.twitter.com/qD08rGmomI

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

At 2:35pm, Ahmadi and a colleague fill several large plastic containers with water. The footage shows Ahmadi bring them to the office earlier that day. His brother told us his neighborhood suffered from a water shortage and that he routinely filled up containers at the office. pic.twitter.com/GqzL8NeXmy

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

The location of the “unknown compound” overlaps with the location of the NGO’s office, and the military told us that they only saw the white sedan at one location that afternoon. We believe that what the military called an unknown compound was in fact the NGO’s office.

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

Ahmadi drops his colleagues off and turns onto his street. His and his brothers’ children surround the car, his relatives said. The family has a habit of letting kids steer the car into the courtyard of their home. Somehow, the military said, the drone team sees none of this. pic.twitter.com/HjRbHxN5QX

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

The decision to strike does not flow down the typical chain of command. Because of the chaos of the Kabul airport evacuation, an official told us, President Biden and the military have delegated the authority to approve airstrikes to lower-level commanders.

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

We gathered photos and videos of the scene taken by journalists, and @mattaikins visited the courtyard multiple times. We shared that evidence with three experts. All three agreed that the damage was consistent with a single Hellfire strike, and not large secondary explosions. pic.twitter.com/HUXcZFHwCL

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

The morning after the U.S. drone strike killed Ahmadi and 9 others, the Islamic State did launch rockets at the airport, firing from an area that Ahmadi had driven through the previous day, and using a white Toyota to do so. pic.twitter.com/TPVu9Mwv0O

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

Four days before Ahmadi was killed, his employer had applied for his family to receive refugee resettlement in the U.S. At the time of the strike, they were still awaiting approval. Looking to the U.S. for protection, they became some of the last victims in America’s longest war. pic.twitter.com/3IcgTyc5ca

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

This story began with the core and essential work of our team, a quick and accurate geolocation from @heytherehaIey: https://t.co/EuqimJpxyr. We followed that up with thorough reporting, expert consultation, and tireless on-the-ground work by @mattaikins.

— Evan Hill (@evanhill) September 10, 2021

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