Ohio Judge Makes COVID Vaccination Condition Of Probation

Ohio Judge Makes COVID Vaccination Condition Of Probation

An Ohio judge has a new requirement for defendants seeking probation; mandatory COVD-19 vaccination.

Judge Richard Frye of Franklin County said last week that he’s included the jab as a condition of release in three cases, after the defendants attributed their unvaccinated status to procrastination – as opposed to any philosophical, medical or religious objections.

Judge Richard A. Frye (photo: Eric Albrecht/Dispatch)

“It occurred to me that at least some of these folks need to be encouraged not to procrastinate,” Frye told the Columbus Dispatch, adding “I think it’s a reasonable condition when we’re telling people to get employed and be out in the community.”

He declined to “speculate” what would happen if a defendant raised a medical, religious or philosophical exemption to vaccination, but said this is a different situation entirely than people who have simply put the matter off.

An example: a man named Cameron Stringer entered a guilty plea for one charge of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, for which he was sentenced to two years of probation (“community control,” as it’s known in Ohio).

Stringer must submit to random drug screening; avoid further legal trouble; return a firearm in question to its rightful owner; and obtain a COVID-19 vaccine within 30 days and provide proof to the Probation Department, court documents show. -Columbus Dispatch

It’s unknown whether other judges have been imposing similar vaccination requirements, however a spokesman for the state Supreme Court referred the Dispatch to a news report about a judge offering to shorten probation for those who obtain vaccines.

ACLU lobbyist Gary Daniels said the requirement ‘At a minimum, appears to be problematic.’

“It doesn’t have any real relationship to community control,” he said in a brief interview.

Judge Frye’s requirement comes as the rate of vaccinations has stalled out – with states and businesses offering cash incentives and entry into massive jackpots for those who get vaccinated.

According to the report, fewer than 48% of Ohioans have gotten at least one jab.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 07/01/2021 – 17:40

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