Old President Launches New Revolution

September 12, 2043.

In a crumbling industrial district of a desolated city on the eastern seaboard, I finally found former President Jack Talmadge.

He was standing behind the counter inside a dim storefront.

People told me you were dead, Jack.

Yeah, well, I wanted them to assume that.

So what are you doing these days?

Splitting things apart.


I was faced with a choice, given the state of the nation. Try to glue together a new unity, or decentralize power. After a lot of thought, I went with decentralize. When the Constitution was canceled, back in ’39, and the Monarchy was installed, I saw no other option.

So what are you doing?

For one thing, individuals need cover. Lots of cover. I’m offering cheap ID packages. These days, a person needs to be at least six different people. I’ve got vaccine passports. You invent your name and I enter it on the passport and in databases. I back up your new name with other forms of ID. Insurance cards, tax records, military service records, voter registration, and so on.

All that for each new identity?

You bet. And you can have as many new identities as you want. One of my customers is a Marine, a furniture salesman, a building inspector, an ER surgeon, a border patrol agent, a frozen brain in a cryogenic facility, and a waiter.

And all that because?

Come on, it’s obvious. Every person with a grain of sense needs to evade tracking, surveillance, social credit score mandates. It’s the first order of business.

What about money? Guaranteed government income comes with behavioral mandates.

I can set up a dozen small digi-cash accounts for you at small banks.

Fake money?

No more fake than Fed Reserve money. The accounts usually get shut down in 30 days or so. But I can rotate them through different platforms, to keep you going.

And what do I do then?

You live. You live your life. Preferably, you start a small community somewhere out in the sticks. There are thousands of them already.

I start a community? You mean grow our own food, that sort of thing?

Sure. But I can supply you with a tech package, off the books. Advanced solar energy, generators, internet access, security systems, nano-sensor jammers. I’ve got a good camouflage cover, plus reflectors, that’ll evade most drone detection. We need to build a new parallel country that’s completely decentralized.

You think it’ll work?

It’s already working. Listen, the new Monarch has issued over a hundred mandates in the past six months. The courts and judges are in his pocket. Have you seen the latest vaccine edict? All recommended CDC vaccines have to be taken now. No opting out, no matter who you are.

Three books I wrote are on the government burn list.

Then you should become a dozen different identities—at minimum. A dozen completely different ID packages.

There are military units all over the country looking for “rebels.”

That’s why I recommend getting at least one military ID package. I can supply you with uniforms and a rank and assignment papers. Better yet, I can give you a CIA ID. As long as it stands up, you’re immune from official hassling. You can travel anywhere. You can buy any product. You can enter any government office. I’ve worked out a real blockbuster. You can become a certified virologist. That means you can attach yourself to certain labs and pretend to do research. You’re completely shielded from the usual government inspections.

I don’t know anything about virology.

Doesn’t matter. Those guys are all fakers. They pretend to isolate new viruses. You just need to learn a bunch of key phrases and definitions and you’re in. I’ve got a guy who used to be a car mechanic. For the past two years, he’s been set up in a lab at Los Alamos. He’s co-authoring papers for medical journals.

How many people in America would you say are now pretending to be other people?

Close to two million.

That’s got to be having an impact.

Just between you and me, the Monarch’s new assistant FBI director is actually a moonshiner from the hills of Tennessee. He’s put together a documented back-story detailing his false past. Imagine, say, 50,000 of these people in key positions in society—all of them operating on counterfeit IDs, subverting the fascist systems they’re working for. Damn right it’s having an impact.

And these 50,000 people aren’t organized?

Right. That’s the beauty of it. The Monarch can’t bust a whole “ring of conspirators.” It doesn’t exist. That’s what I mean by splitting and decentralization.

The resurrection of the individual?

Bingo. Now think about THIS. There are people using fake IDs and fake histories who’ve gotten jobs in government agencies that SPY ON AND VERIFY the day-to-day activity of citizens.

They’re working inside the federal track and trace surveillance net?

Exactly. It’s called eating out the system from the inside. Subversion ON BEHALF OF individual freedom. When I look back on my Presidency, I realize THAT’S the sort of thing I should have been doing. But I maintained a fantasy that I could pull the whole nation together under the banner of freedom. And maybe I could have, if I’d had bigger balls. But I was afraid to go all the way and face up to my enemies, come hell or high water. I presided over an enormous amount of destruction by failing to oppose and cancel the lockdowns. And then I defended my inaction with excuses. I said the economic destruction and the horrendous medical destruction were wholly “other people’s fault.” I basically told the nation a personal victim story—which was pure unadulterated bullshit. I came to realize all this after I left office. So now I’m making up for lost time.

Listen, you mentioned a person could get an ID package proving he’s a frozen brain stored in a cryogenic facility. It so happens I’ve always wanted to be dead. You know, cut loose from the past. With a brand new life ahead of me.

No problem. The Kurzweil Memorial Center for Brain-Machine Interface has a freezer warehouse full of brains of former people who paid twenty grand a pop. I can give you ID that proves you’re one of those brains. Well, I won’t give it to you. I’ll insert the data in a few dozen key databases, including the Memorial Center’s own records, which are badly maintained—they’re a sieve. I’ve got a dozen people in there already. One of them is now living in his fishing boat off the coast of Tahiti. He’s a software developer. Spends a few hours a day hacking into official files all over the world, changing codes, inserting new algorithms. I’ll make you into a frozen brain. Meanwhile, under a variety of new names, you keep writing and publishing what you write.


Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.

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