Omicron and the Magic Mouse Jump

The headlines out of the UK have been bonkers lately. The onslaught of predictable doomsday headlines have engineered panic in the masses of useful idiots who by now must be addicted to living in a perpetual state of fear and neurosis. The Government is still happy to terrorize it’s people against the facts of reality and science.

Here’s what we know.

This holiday season, Omicron is coming to town. It spreads up to 70x faster than the Delta variant. By next month it will be the dominant strain in Britain, the US and Half of Europe. And it’s incredibly mild. It’s the sniffles with a head ache and maybe a sore throat. It rarely leaves the upper respiratory area for the lungs. Only 10% of those hospitalized require oxygen, down from +70% for Delta. It’s a gift to humanity. Who knows, maybe its the flu returned from its PCR absorbed manufactured hiatus.

This is excellent news. Governments should be celebrating. Jabs should be thrown in the dumpster by the millions, with a few saved for any elderly who may want to roll the dice one last time. We should be throwing Omicron make-out parties on every block across the west. God knows we deserve it.

But they’re not celebrating, they’re sowing more fear and hysteria. This was never about a virus and always about tyranny. Instead of celebrating, they’re terrorizing their people with all the same dehumanizing bulls**t that never worked the first fifty times they mandated them, including the toxic clot shots.

Boris Johnson announced a goal of 1 million boosters per day through the end of the year. Why? It can’t be for Omicron. This “variant of concern” results in a 10x decrease in hospitalizations compared to Delta, which was already weak for anyone under 60 and relatively healthy. That’s the data out of South Africa with only 24% jabbed. As the “conspiracy theorists” whom have been right all along suspected, all this jabbing is to serve another purpose, perhaps even to check multiple boxes.

Increase pharma profits
Make the public dependent on injections (government-provided like a crack dealer)
Eliminate the control group to cover for crimes against humanity
Force everyone into a digital panopticon for total surveillance (covid pass)
conspiracy theory….depopulation agenda? Jabs will harm and kill more young people than they help so this is now on the brink of becoming mainstreamed the more they mandate toxic injections for 5-year-old children. FIVE YEAR OLDS!

If you still think this is about your health please unsubscribe. They’re intentionally maiming and killing children now. Seriously, just leave. The unsubscribe button is at the bottom. Go away. GET THE FUK OUT OF HERE! You’re polluting my healthy substack of critical thinkers and vital skeptics with your low IQ. GO! Go read slate or vox or some other mind decaying shit rag while triple masked in your closet. </rage>

Did you know that the spotted snow leopard thrives across some of the most unforgiveable high altitude terrain on earth and have evolved to survive in below freezing temperatures with feet that are like natural snow shows and thick fur that extends to its tail which wraps all the way around its body for extra protection? It hunts when hungry, travels when necessary, sleeps when tired, but doesn’t cower in fear hiding in caves hoping to live another day. It doesn’t just merely exist to survive. It thrives. It thrives because it can’t afford to be fearful.

We once knew the ultimate risk of our existence and wrote poems and epics and great plays and tragedies about the bittersweet beauty of its inevitability. We once refused to be fearful because we couldn’t afford not to thrive. I have invited a professor of sociology to anonymously guest author a piece on safety, risk and mortality and our perceptions of all from the greatest generation through today. Look for it before the new year. </existential Interlude>

Omicron Preprints

A few studies submitted in the past 48 hours claim to show the following. Links in the footnotes.12

Vaccines are next to worthless against Omicron. The further back one was jabbed, the more worthless. Beyond 5 months it’s near 0% efficacy
Monoclonal antibodies might be useless.3 26 of 29 Receptor-binding motif (RBM)-directed monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) lost in vitro neutralizing activity against Omicron, with only three mAbs, including the ACE2-mimicking S2K146 mAb1, retaining unaltered potency.
Boosters might be useless! Get in line Britain for your boosters that might do jack shit against Omicron. “Even serum from persons vaccinated and boosted with mRNA-based vaccines exhibited substantially diminished neutralizing activity against B.1.1.529.”

There we have it folks. Biden is predicting mass death of the unvaccinated this dark winter, an evil lie from a demented half mobile corpse. The vaccinated are the ones being most damaged by these lies by thinking they’re protected. Who’s gonna tell them?

The most interesting preprint this Good Citizen found? Drumroll for the conspiracy theorists.

The authors claim that the many divergences from Delta to Omicron are evidence of human to mouse transmission where the virus mutated to be more infections in the rodents before migrating back to humans.

The molecular spectrum (i.e., the relative frequency of the twelve types of base substitutions) of mutations acquired by the progenitor of Omicron was significantly different from the spectrum for viruses that evolved in human patients, but was highly consistent with spectra associated with evolution in a mouse cellular environment. Furthermore, mutations in the Omicron spike protein significantly overlapped with SARS-CoV-2 mutations known to promote adaptation to mouse hosts, particularly through enhanced spike protein binding affinity for the mouse cell entry receptor.4

Any light bulbs go off yet? A week ago there were conspiracies flying around that Omicron is a lab engineered virus by white-hat biohackers who wanted to save humanity by unleashing a more dominant but less lethal strain of the virus on the world to stop the suffering and death, or more aptly the suffering and death resulting from Government responses to their own pandemic of fear.

Is it possible that they isolated a prior variant in a lab of mice and allowed it to spread in a population of mice until it was revealed to have mutated in a favorable direction for humanity? There’s only one way to find out.

Reprinted with permission from The Good Citizen.

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