One Dead, 30 Injured After Car Rams Into Crowd Near Berlin Church 

One Dead, 30 Injured After Car Rams Into Crowd Near Berlin Church 

At least one person has been killed and 30 injured after a vehicle drove into a crowd in western Berlin on Wednesday, Daily Mail reports.  

A silver Renault Twingo struck people on a busy street packed with cafes and shops near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. 

The driver was arrested, and police have not yet determined if the motorist’s actions were intentional or accidental. 

Footage from the scene is shocking. The silver Renault appears to have hit an area crowded with people. 

Armed officers were among a number of emergency services personnel at the incident area. 

Here’s more footage from the scene. 

At least one person is dead and dozens injured after a man drove a vehicle into a crowd in Berlin.

Police arrested the suspect.

— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) June 8, 2022

Some say this could be another terror attack.  

Another #terrorist attack this time in #Berlin #Germany with reports of a small #Renault car driving into a crowded shopping area ,driver detained same area apparently as the 2016 Christmas market attack that killed 11 people 😡
This time 20 people injured and one has died so far

— Adam Conlon independent media (@AdamConlon15) June 8, 2022

“The crash took place near the main shopping district’s Breitscheidplatz, the scene of Berlin’s 2016 Christmas market attack in which 13 people were killed,” Daily Mail said. The driver was a radical Islamist who intentionally drove a truck through a Christmas market at Wilhelm Memorial Church. Germany has seen multiple vehicle attacks since 2016: 

In December 2020, a German man ploughed his car through a pedestrian shopping street in the southwestern city of Trier, killing four adults and a baby.

Earlier the same year, a German man rammed his car through a carnival procession in the central town of Volkmarsen, injuring dozens of bystanders, including children. He was sentenced to life in jail last year.

In January 2019, another German national injured eight people when he drove into crowds on New Year’s Eve in the western cities of Bottrop and Essen. He was later taken into psychiatric care.

In April 2018, a German man crashed his van into people seated outside a restaurant in the city of Muenster, killing five before shooting himself dead. Investigators later said he had mental health problems. — Daily Mail 

This is a developing story …

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