“Out Of Control” Brush Fire Sweeps Through New Jersey Town 

“Out Of Control” Brush Fire Sweeps Through New Jersey Town 

Several Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states are under “Red Flag Warning” on Sunday afternoon, which means critical fire weather conditions are underway. With that being said, reports are pouring in on social media of a dangerous brush fire sweeping through Lakewood, New Jersey. 

The Lakewood Police Department said the brush fire was initially reported on Airport Road around 1300 ET. Video posted to Twitter by The Lakewood Scoop showed the inferno. 

The fire has engulfed multiple building structures. 

Dozens of firefighters from surrounding towns have arrived on the scene. 

The brush fire appears to be expanding. 

Firefighters are battling the blaze as it rips through a residential community. 

Highways and roads around the incident area are closed as the fire continues to spread. Reports now show one firefighter has been injured. 

More views of the large brush fire in Jersey. 

Route 70 has been shut down. 

A helicopter with a specialized bucket suspended on a cable is now combating the fire. 

Firefighters are at a Lowe’s on Route 70.

Possible commercial zone ablaze. 

“Blaze is currently out of control,” The Lakewood Scoop tweeted.

This situation appears to be deteriorating: “Business-owners attempting to extinguish fires near their shops,” the local paper said.

A brush fire has developed near Costco on Route 70.

The smoke plume from Lakewood is showing up on the radar. 

“This story is developing… 

Tyler Durden
Sun, 03/14/2021 – 16:55

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