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Part 10. What About Human Rights? (From “The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics”)

Part 10. What About Human Rights?

The need to respect “human rights, dignity, and freedom of persons” is embedded in the current International Health Regulations (IHR), as well as other UN treaties. However, the language guaranteeing human rights, dignity, and freedom of persons was peremptorily removed from the proposed IHR Amendments, without explanation. The removal of human rights protections did not go unnoticed, and the WHO has been widely criticized for it.

The WHO apparently is responding to these criticisms, and so the language guaranteeing human rights that was removed from the drafts of the International Health Regulations has been inserted into the newest version of the pandemic treaty.


As long predicted by science fiction, our biotech, cyber and surveillance achievements have finally gotten away from us. We can produce vaccines in 100 days and manufacture them in 130 days–but there will be no guarantees that the products will be safe, effective, or adequately manufactured. And we can expect large profits, but no consequences for the legally shielded manufacturers and government officials from any injuries to the public.

If we do face another pandemic, being able to access repurposed drugs will be the only rapid and safe solution. Yet existing drugs have been deliberately excluded by the WHO’s IHR amendments and treaty draft, because no one gets rich off non-patentable and available old drugs.

Our genes can be decoded by genomic sequencing, and the fruits of personalized medicine made available to us. Or perhaps our genes will be patented and sold to the highest bidder. We might be able to select for special characteristics in our children, but at the same time, a human underclass of test-tube babies could be created.

Our electronic communications can be completely monitored and censored, and uniform messaging can be imposed on everyone. But for whom would this be good?

New biological weapons will be discovered or engineered. They will be shared. This virtually guarantees future pandemics.

We can hope the GOF research that studied and created them will speed up the development of vaccines and therapeutics for the public, but it never has so far.   

Who really benefits from the gain-of-function scam?  Those who seek to control us.  It is the public who pays the cost of the research, then pays again for the accidents and deliberate leaks. Wouldn’t it be better to end gain-of-function research entirely, by restricting funding or closing the laboratories, rather than encouraging the proliferation of biological weapons?  If we want a decent future, it is crucial that we control these weapons instead of proliferating them.  

Centralized dictates for managing the COVID pandemic resulted in catastrophe.  Wouldn’t we be insane to allow the WHO to control our responses to future pandemics?  

These are important issues for all of humanity, and I encourage everyone to pay attention to them, think about them, and become part of this very important conversation.