Philadelphia PD Seeks To Identify 100 Juveniles In “Riot” At Wawa Convenience Store Last Weekend

Philadelphia PD Seeks To Identify 100 Juveniles In “Riot” At Wawa Convenience Store Last Weekend

It’s just another day in Democrat-run Philadelphia. Police are attempting to identify 100 juveniles who stormed and ransacked a Wawa in Philadelphia over the weekend. 

On Sunday, at around 8:15pm, a Wawa convenience store on Philadelphia’s Roosevelt Boulevard was overrun by juveniles who caused more than $10,000 in damages and vandalized the property. 

Surveillance video shows the juveniles “screaming, throwing merchandise and breaking things in the store”, Philly Voice reported. Police believe that some of the juveniles were coming from the roller skating rink located next door.

Video of the incident shows teenagers “rushing into the store, looting items, throwing things and knocking displays over before rushing outside.” Some teens jumped on parked cars before leaving the scene. 

Now police are looking to try and identify all of the individuals involved in the looting. 

Capt. Jason Ryan said on Monday: “It does fit in with the past 10 years with the various kinds of flash mobs, car meets, and other spontaneous disorder. The charges can include riot, criminal mischief, vandalism, theft, riot being a felony. If everyone’s seen the video, it certainly falls into the parameters of what we can call a riot.” 

A spokesperson for Wawa commented: “We are working closely with law enforcement to support their efforts to bring all of these perpetrators to justice as soon as possible. We remain committed to protecting our associates and customers and ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for each customer, in every Wawa store. Nothing is more important to us.” 

Here is video of the juveniles at the scene, with Philadelphia Police showing the faces of many of the participants:

Of course, we’re sure that once Philadelphia PD does finally identify some of the participants, Philadelphia’s far left DA will figure out a way to help them dodge as many consequences as possible.

Because we all know that it’s the perpetrators that were really the victims here, being unfairly accused of rioting when they were simply looking to stop in and grab bread for their families…

Philadelphia woman: “You can’t even walk to the store” without “running or losing your life.”

“It’s crazy! Philly is crazy!”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 28, 2022

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Wed, 09/28/2022 – 18:40

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