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Physician and Nuclear Cardiologist: Covid-19 and the Covid Shots Are Man-Made Bio-Weapons

This ‘vaccine’ rollout is the largest research project in the history of mankind. You are either part of the experimental group or part of the control group. Dr. Mengele is rolling over in his grave wondering why he couldn’t have the capacity to do this type of human manipulation.”
– Physicist and Nuclear Cardiologist Dr. Richard Fleming

Del Bigtree, host of the weekly investigative news program The High Wire, conducted a powerful interview with Dr. Fleming on May 13. After the interview Del, who always uses caution in his reporting, said The High Wire would no longer consider the possibility that Covid-19 could be a natural occurrence wherein a bat transferred the virus to humans at a wet market in China. Del firmly concluded The High Wire would take the position that Covid-19 is a man-made bio-weapon.

Dr. Fleming has been pro-vaccine throughout his career but he knows the covid shots are not vaccines. A summary of his conclusions:

1. Both SARS-CoV-2 and the Covid shots are man-made bio-weapons.

2. The shots inject into the recipient’s body billions of spike proteins that have the prion on top of them. The spike protein the body creates attaches and infects human cells. Blood clots and autoimmune disorders are two of many predicted ill health results. The spike protein is the bio-weapon; the coronavirus is the delivery system.

3. The prion-like domain at the Receptor Binding Site (RBS) has the potential to cause prion (brain or Mad Cow) disease.

4. The claim the virus was never isolated because Koch’s Postulates were not fulfilled is not correct. (Editor’s note: This assertion has been made mostly by terrain theory proponents including Drs. Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, researcher/writer David Icke among others). The virus was identified by piecing RNA and DNA together and matching the parts like a puzzle.

5. About 95% of the animals used in the clinical trials for coronavirus shots over the past 20 years died within two weeks. This period of time equates to 1 1/2 years for humans. A vaccine was never successfully developed.

6. During questioning by Sen. Rand Paul at a congressional hearing, NIAID Director Tony Fauci lied when he denied involvement in gain of function research funding on SARS-CoV-2 for China’s Wuhan Lab. However, information on US grants are a matter of public record and is posted on USspending.gov. This site and the medical/scientific articles acknowledging this funding transfer were displayed on screen.

7. The gain of function research was funded by the US government. The November 9, 2015 issue of Nature shows the grant funding code USAID-EPT-PREDICT which Dr. Fleming identified as the CIA. (EPT stands for Emerging Pandemic Threats.) DoD gave $35 million to Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, the third party the NIAID selected to conduct the research.

8. The US government owns the patent for the Covid shots.

9. SARS-CoV-2 is a fusion of five nucleotides. Infectious disease researcher Ralph Baric is shown in a video interview admitting his involvement with this work.

10. Those telling people to get the jabs including Biden, the Obamas and Fauci should be put on trial for committing crimes against humanity and for violating the Biological Weapons Convention and the Nuremberg Code which forbids medical experimentation without informed consent.

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