Police officers refusing to enforce a new normal police state

 Retired Ontario Provincial Police officer, Vincent Gircys, was quoted in a recent Vaccine Choice Canada newsletter, speaking out against the COVID-19 restrictions:

“I believe there is a duty incumbent on our police services to understand the moral principles in play, and to provide the moral courage to keep that fabric of our society from tearing itself apart.  And this can only happen if the moral compass is calibrated.  Therein lies the problem.  The moral compass.  So I would ask each and every officer who has taken the oath, to ensure that they check their moral compass.  Because, that is what it’s going to take us to get through this — moral courage. And if your compass is not calibrated, we are in big trouble.”

Gircys is a member of Police on Guard for Thee — a group consisting of thousands of police officers (both active and retired) opposed to normal daily activities becoming punishable crimes.

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