Powerful Earthquake Shakes Taiwan, Buildings And Bridges Collapse

Powerful Earthquake Shakes Taiwan, Buildings And Bridges Collapse

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake rattled much of Taiwan on Sunday, which followed a 6.4 magnitude earthquake Saturday, according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB). 

The magnitude 6.8 quake hit around 2:44 pm local time (0644 GMT), with an epicenter in Taitung county, a town in the eastern part of the island nation. CWB said the quake was recorded at a relatively shallow depth of 7 kilometers (4 miles). 

The US Geological Survey initially reported that the quake registered a 7.2 magnitude but revised it to 6.9 — still a higher reading than CWB’s estimate. 

Tsunami advisories were issued on Sunday after the quake struck along coastlines within a 300-kilometer (186-mile) of Taitung county. The advisories expired without any signs of high waves. 

Videos posted on social media reveal buildings were destroyed, critical infrastructure such as bridges and roads were damaged, and even WaPo reported a train derailed. 

Terrible! #Taiwán es sacudida por un fuerte sismo de 6,8 en la escala de richter. Hay alerta de Tsunami en el mar de Japón. pic.twitter.com/2K9TTGs1sC

— Danell Bullon (@DanellBullon) September 18, 2022

Taïwan 🇹🇼 La terre tremble et les immeubles tombent, malheureusement de nombreuses victimes 🪦 sont à prévoir 😢

Il s’agit d’un 3e tremblement de terre en 24 heures.

Le Japon 🇯🇵 émet également une alerte au tsunami.#Earthquake #Temblor #taiwan


— RASEK 🐭 (@rasekrasek) September 18, 2022

Another video of a bridge in #Hualien twisted up and dumped on one side.
7.2-magnitude #earthquake strikes off east cost of #Taiwan: USGSpic.twitter.com/HJHFEn3VBi

— Chaudhary Parvez (@ChaudharyParvez) September 18, 2022

#MARVEL Aftermath of the powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked #Taiwan and prompted a #tsunami threat on Japan’s Miyakojima Island, revealing the scale of destruction. No official information on casualties is available just yet. #earthquake #台湾地震 #臺灣 #地震 #台湾 pic.twitter.com/8bzXUq0xAf

— The apprised (@the_apprised) September 18, 2022

An #earthquake Occurred in #Taiwan,#Tsunami Warning Was Issued with a Magnitude of 6.8 Occurred in the Country Hours Before and Caused Destruction.
The island off was hit with another major earthquake on Sun.afternoon,with the shakes toppling a building and derailing train cars. pic.twitter.com/MAZHLNTdgc

— JEREMY SONG (@JEREMYSONG750) September 18, 2022

Multiple strong #earthquakes destroyed #Hualien County in #Taiwan on Sunday.
The most devastating one measured 7.2-magnitude.

Tsunami alerts have been issued in Japan’s #Miyakojima and #Yaeyama regions. pic.twitter.com/vUO1LIyRVe

— Chaudhary Parvez (@ChaudharyParvez) September 18, 2022

Minute of life…the ceiling of the building collapsed 🏢#Taiwan #earthquake #Tsunami pic.twitter.com/aMJGYkFSyr

— Sujoy Basu (@SujoyTechie) September 18, 2022

The good news is that the quake didn’t strike near Taiwan’s nuclear power plants. 

… and now we are waiting for Beijing’s response. 

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