Putting up a NoMoreLockdowns lawn sign, when we don’t have a lawn…

Last month, my wife, Nicole, requested a lawn sign from NoMoreLockDowns.org. A local representative dropped it off.

Only problem: We don’t have a lawn. We live in a three-storey apartment building.

So I emailed my landlords, offering to “rent” some lawn space in front of the building. $10 per month. Three-month down payment.

They declined.

So we did the next best thing: I took out the duct tape, and fastened the sign to the railing of our balcony:

A few people told me they wanted to do the same (except on their lawn, not their balcony) but were worried they would upset their neighbours. I’ll respond that concern in a future post.

But for those Canadians who aren’t concerned with appeasing the Joneses, you can request a “NoMoreLockDown.org” sign here.

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