Rand Paul: Fauci Will Never Stop Lying; Fire Him Now

Rand Paul: Fauci Will Never Stop Lying; Fire Him Now

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Continuing his relentless effort to expose Anthony Fauci for lying about funding dangerous ‘civilisation ending’ gain of function research, Senator Rand Paul warned Sunday that the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will never stop lying about it and should immediately be fired.

In an interview with Axios, Paul urged “He’s probably never going to admit that he lied,” adding “He’s gonna continue to dissemble, and try to work around the truth, and massage the truth.”

He [Fauci] should be fired,” Paul emphasised, adding “just for lack of judgment if nothing else.”

Paul reiterated “We’re calling for an investigation and hearings on this. We’ve been calling for that for months.”

“There has been a great deal of resistance from the Democrat side. Do we not want to know the origin of the virus or to know if it came from a lab? Particularly since this research still goes on,” the Senator further urged.


Responding to Paul, Fauci claimed in an interview with ABC News that “He’s absolutely incorrect. Neither I nor Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, lied or misled about what we’ve done.”

Fauci further claimed that it is “molecularly impossible for those viruses that were worked on to turn into SARS-CoV-2,” referring to the manipulation in the Chinese labs.

“They were distant enough molecularly that no matter what you did to them, they could never, ever become SARS-CoV-2,” Fauci claimed:

Fauci downplays the NIH letter and states that Ecohealth simply did not file a progress report in on time, and that there will be administrative consequences.

This is a game and he’s acting like Lumburgh with TPS report cover pages. https://t.co/8s6lBf0dH0

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 24, 2021

During the interview, Fauci also stated “There’s all of this concern about what’s gain of function or what’s not.”

Which is particularly interesting since he keeps changing the definition:

👀 https://t.co/qXbko9xTu7

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) October 22, 2021

So to sum it up:
1. US bans gain-of-function research.
2. Rogue bureaucrats fund it abroad instead.
3. Lab leak occurs. Global pandemic ensues.
4. Scientific leaders lie about it and label dissenters as racists.

Want to create a crisis of trust in science? That’ll do it.

— Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) October 24, 2021

Right. If, as NIH claims, Fauci didn’t know EcoHealth was violating the limits of the grant by making bat coronaviruses more contagious, that’s malfeasance.

But how credible is it that Fauci didn’t find out given all the political pressure around this??https://t.co/0FKKaos1uO

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 24, 2021

Here’s the key unanswered question:

The NIH admits that the research it funded through EcoHealth under Fauci made bat coronaviruses more contagious, but Fauci didn’t lie because he didn’t know until now.

But EcoHealth insists Fauci knew all along because they told him & NIH: pic.twitter.com/0IvqC0yLwB

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 24, 2021

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