Ray Dalio Wants You To Take His Personality Test

Ray Dalio Wants You To Take His Personality Test

Ray Dalio looks like he’s starting to the use the age old trick that the Church of Scientology has used for decades to recruit “parishioners”: take my free personality test. 

And he’s being helped along by CNBC, who published an article yesterday letting its super informed readers know that they could take the very same personality test that Dalio makes his incoming employees take. 

Dalio’s online personality test was developed “with the help of expert psychologists” including bestselling author Adam Grant. 

“I did it so that people can learn about themselves and learn about others,” Dalio told CNBC.

The test is called “PrincipleYou” and it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete. When finished, it provides “a detailed assessments of thinking style, including tendencies, talents and opportunities for growth, as well as a deep dive into core traits and how they are likely to play out in real life situations.”

Dalio also created a way for you to share your results. “Knowing how you think and how others you interact with think is critical in getting what you want in both your personal life and in work,” he said. 

The test reportedly took two years to develop and used data that Dalio and Bridgewater have “compiled” over the years as “critical for personal and organizational success.”

Dalio says that people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have taken personality tests administered by him in the past. Dalio claims he was able to identify the traits that all of these “successful founders” have in common, as a result. And, of course, Bridgewater is collecting data from these tests.

“Data is being collected, consistent with [PrinciplesYou’s] data privacy policy, and PrinciplesYou is not currently monetizing and has no plans to. PrinicplesYou currently uses the data only to improve the accuracy of the assessment,” Dalio’s press release said.  

Let us guess: no matter what the variables, every test comes back with the results that you’re deeply damaged, and the only way you can get better is submitting your best investment ideas ideas to Bridgewater through an online contact form.

Tyler Durden
Sun, 04/25/2021 – 08:45

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