Replay of the Much Ado About Corona Book Launch Now Available

Vaccine Choice Canada has now posted on Brighteon, Bitchute, Rumble and Librti a video replay of the Much Ado About Corona book launch from March 30th (where I gave a first public reading and answered questions about the making of this 500-page novel).

To memorialize the release of my debut novel, my wife, Nicole, framed the flyer for the book launch as a gift for my birthday last Saturday:

As a recent reviewer on said: “If I were a fish, I would say that I got hooked by the end of the first chapter.” Whether you’re a fish or not, you can listen to my (somewhat theatrical) reading of the first chapter and watch the replay on Brighteon, Bitchute, Rumble or Librti

Be brave. Read books. Stay… sane!
—John C. A. Manley

PS I’d be mighty nice of you to share one of those video link on social media, maybe give it a thumbs up and/or forward this post to your friends and family. Support the wordsmiths you want to see in the world.

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