Returning to Form?

I refer to a couple of earlier posts where I have commented on the return of Jordan Peterson (here and here).  In the first, he noted that he had a good amount of his bravery beaten out of him, which is certainly understandable.  Both he and his conversation partner, Douglas Murray, were far more timid than either had been on previous occasions; this came in the aftermath of the US election, events at the capitol, etc.  In the second, Peterson offers that we must put our faith in man – this contrary to his previous messages that we look to something higher, above man.

Peterson has recently released a conversation with Paul Rossi of Grace Church High School.  I have not listened to many of his conversations since these first two (although the one with Jonathan Pageau was quite worthwhile).

Returning to the current video…Rossi recently wrote an essay, published by Bari Weiss: I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated.  (The backstory to these events can be found here.)

Before the discussion begins, there is an “advertisement” (I don’t know what else to call it) from an organization called FAIR: Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (beginning here). It includes comments and endorsements from people like Coleman Hughes, Steven Pinker, John McWhorter, Bari Weiss, and Glenn Loury.  If you are familiar at all with any of these names, you will understand something of this organization – these individuals have spoken out against the destructive turn that the conversation of race has taken in the United States (beyond this, I know nothing about the organization).

If you are not familiar with Rossi’s essay, it is worth reading.  In the essay, he raises concerns about how his students – and all students at his school – are being indoctrinated into race hatred and resentment (I have no better terms for this).  Hatred toward one’s self, if one is white; resentment toward everyone by everyone, regardless of skin color or nationality.  Needless to say, he has been chastised by his school.

The discussion between Peterson and Rossi is over two hours.  Much of the first half is Peterson asking Rossi for the background story – how he came to such a point, the road he travelled, etc.  Further, Peterson acts as a psychologist would: why do you think you believed such and such, what was going on inside you when this or that happened?

The second part gets more into the particulars.  Included in this part is a recorded conversation between Rossi and George Davison, the headmaster of the school.  The introduction to this recording by Peterson and Rossi, as well as the recorded portion played, are worth listening to – even if you don’t listen to any of the rest of the discussion.  It begins here; it will take only about four minutes or so of your time.


Peterson, at least I this conversation, is returning to form.  It is a good thing if this continues, as he has had a way of moving the conversation regarding both the destructive intolerance of society and the value of the Christian narrative as well as about anyone in the last five years.

Yes, he has his shortcomings and faults.  He, like all of us, is only human.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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