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Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Getty Images / Kinga Krzeminska

Now it is firmly ensconced among the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must ‘eat ze bugs’, the same people have a new target, rice.

VIDEO: Rice is to blame for around 10 percent of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades, traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. Scientists say that if the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rice cannot be ignored. pic.twitter.com/46GgkaGPgK

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 16, 2023

“Rice cannot be ignored.”

The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that “Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world. Over 50 percent of the world population depends on rice for about 80 percent of its food requirements. About 95 percent of the global output of rice is produced and consumed in developing countries.”

What is this really about?

Banning rice would kill tens of millions of innocent people.
I’m starting to think it’s never been about saving the planet . . . https://t.co/Sz1bcbQM49

— Johnny Rotten’s American Cousin (@EERCANE) April 16, 2023

This is sinister. Removing rice or wheat from production would trigger global famine. We need to start recognizing voices pushing this agenda so we push back on this nonsense. @wef #2030agenda

— WiseOldOwl (@RealAlexLucio) April 16, 2023


— slimjim (@slimjim33_33) April 16, 2023

Asian countries already eat bugs. What’s your problem?

— Shouty Pants (@unprisonplanet) April 17, 2023

Yeah, they want us to eat bugs!

— Betsy Rambo (@BetsyRambo) April 17, 2023

Honestly we should just stop eating.

— Cody (@BlueCollarBTC21) April 17, 2023

Eat 🪲
Don’t eat 🍚

— Adam Townsend (@adamscrabble) April 16, 2023

“Scientists” should come up with better solutions than starving half of the planet.

— Check Mark Prime (@PrimeCheckMark) April 16, 2023

That is the grand solution in their minds

— Parker (@winchester_101) April 17, 2023

Oh no, rice distribution warehouses are about to start mysteriously exploding.

— Carolina Brew (@deeplens) April 16, 2023

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