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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Receives the Defender Award from Children’s Health Defense

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CHD founder and chairman on leave honored for his dedication to children’s health, restoring medical freedom and preserving democracy

Washington, D.C. – Children’s Health Defense (CHD) presented Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with the Defender Award at CHD’s 2nd Annual Conference on Nov. 3 in Savannah, GA. Kennedy, chairman on leave for the organization he founded in 2016, was recognized for championing critical efforts to shed light on escalating but overlooked threats to children’s health and for questioning the narratives of government agencies, public health officials, and powerful industries, including pharmaceutical companies.

“Mr. Kennedy is an unstoppable force,” said CHD Executive Vice President Laura Bono. “He directs his life every single day with complete intention on tackling problems that seem unwinnable and too big for others to take on.”

Under Kennedy’s leadership, CHD has grown exponentially since its launch. Some accomplishments include:

The launch of CHD’s online news and views site, The Defender, which publishes relevant information regarding Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Energy, Big Food, Big Chemical and the corruption within these industries. The Defender is now available in six languages.
The publication of Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” topped all the best seller lists and sold over 1 million copies. After two years, it’s still in Amazon’s top 10 electronic books. His new book, “The Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race,” will be released on Dec. 5.
The publication of “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak,” co-authored by Kennedy and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., lays bare the facts that underlie one undeniable conclusion: unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children.
The launch of CHD.TV, now broadcasting over 20 hours of original programming every week.
The filing of over 50 lawsuits taking on issues like censorship, government and industry corruption, and threats to individual freedoms. These include Kennedy, Children’s Health Defense et al. v. Biden et al., which was consolidated with MO v. Biden, now headed to the Supreme Court; Children’s Health Defense v. Meta Platforms, Inc. et al., CHD’s lawsuit against Meta/Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and three fact-checker companies for censoring truthful public health posts; and Children’s Health Defense et al. v. WP Company, LLC et al., a lawsuit against legacy media members of the Trusted News Initiative including The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Reuters and the BBC, alleging the members violated antitrust laws and the U.S. Constitution by colluding with Tech Giants to censor online news.
The launch of CHD’s chapter program that now has 26 state and international chapters and continues to grow.

“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank RFK Jr. for being a Defender of truth, freedom and children’s health,” said Bono. “He was literally the answer to the prayers of mothers around the world who were desperate for the truth to be told about the devastating injuries suffered by their children.”


Children’s Health Defense® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable and establish safeguards to prevent future harm. We fight corruption, mass surveillance and censorship that put profits before people as well as advocate for worldwide rights to health freedom and bodily autonomy.

For more information or to donate to CHD and our ongoing lawsuits, visit ChildrensHealthDefense.org.

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