Rockets Fired At Israel From South Lebanon As Fears Grow Hezbollah To Enter Conflict

Rockets Fired At Israel From South Lebanon As Fears Grow Hezbollah To Enter Conflict

A big lingering unknown is whether Israel’s powerful archenemy Hezbollah will open up a northern front to bog down Israel’s military as it continues striking Gaza, and as preparations are underway for a potential Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ground invasion into the Hamas-controlled strip.

Late Thursday at least three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon toward Israel, which the IDF military spokesman confirmed

BREAKING: A short while ago, three rockets were fired from Lebanon into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of northern Israel.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 13, 2021

And moments after, a new wave of rockets were launched from Gaza, the IDF said.

🚨 RIGHT NOW: Shortly after rockets were fired at northern Israel, a barrage of rockets was just fired at southern Israel.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 13, 2021

Given the rockets fired into northern Israel, the immediate question remains whether Hezbollah was responsible, and if the Shia paramilitary organization supported closely by Iran will initiate its own aggression. This would constitute a monumental escalation for Israel, assuring major regional war.

So far international reports are saying it’s “unclear” who was responsible for the attack from Lebanon.

The rockets were believed launched from near the border with Israel, in Lebanon’s Qlayleh area, near Naqoura. There are also Palestinian militant factions in the area, with Lebanon’s Daily Star quickly in the aftermath pointing to these Palestinian groups operating in Lebanon – and not Hezbollah.

Sources close to Lebanese Hizbollah confirm the rocket attack on Israel but emphasis that “it is not Hezbollah that fired these rockets.” #Lebanon

— Nafiseh Kohnavard (@nafisehkBBC) May 13, 2021

The Lebanese outlet is reporting that “Lebanese Army intelligence detains Palestinian involved in firing rockets at Israel.”

Hezbollah getting involved right now would be a nightmare for Israel…

— Mark MacKinnon (@markmackinnon) May 13, 2021

Meanwhile rockets fired from Gaza continue reaching deep into central Israel…

According to Israel media a rocket fell near Ramla near a road and there is a big fire

— Seth Frantzman (@sfrantzman) May 13, 2021

An hour ago, a Hamas rocket hit a civilian neighbourhood in Petah Tikva, causing injuries & significant damage.

Troops from our Search & Rescue Brigade are now at the scene providing assistance in the city’s time of need.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 13, 2021

Israel media is now widely reporting that the Defense Ministry is putting plans in place for “all-out war”.

The reports come after on Wednesday Defense Minister Benny Gantz threatened “Gaza will burn”. He said: “If citizens of Israel have to sleep in shelters” due to Hamas rocket attacks “then Gaza will burn.”

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