Russia Sanctions Ben Stiller & Sean Penn In New Blacklist Of 25 Americans

Russia Sanctions Ben Stiller & Sean Penn In New Blacklist Of 25 Americans

Russia announced Monday that it has blacklisted American actors over their activities in support of the Ukrainian government, also as retaliation for recent anti-Kremlin US sanctions. In total 25 US citizens, including senators and analysts at think tanks, are on the updated list.

The list of those now banned from entering Russia “on a permanent basis” – according a Russian foreign ministry statement – includes Ben Stiller and Sean Penn, both of which met with President Volodymyr Zelensky in June

Image via Twitter/@BenStiller/Kyiv Post

A foreign ministry statement said the fresh action is in response to the “ever-expanding” US sanctions “against Russian citizens”. At this point, an estimated more than one thousand American nationals have been barred from entering Russia. 

“As a measure in response to the ever-expanding personal sanctions on Russian citizens by [the US President] Joe Biden’s administration a permanent ban to enter the Russian Federation has been imposed on another group of US Congress members, high-ranking officials, members of the business and expert community and cultural figures (25 people),” the statement reads.

“The hostile actions of US authorities, which continue to follow a Russophobic course, destroying bilateral ties and escalating confrontation between Russia and the United States, will continue to be resolutely rebuffed,” the ministry said.

In late June Stiller traveled to Ukraine to meet with Zelensky, declaring the president “my hero”:

“It’s a great honor for me.. you’re my hero!” said Stiller, a UN goodwill ambassador who met the Ukrainian leader on World Refugee Day.

“What you’ve done, the way that you’ve rallied the country, the world, it’s really inspiring,” said the 56-year-old American comedian referring to Zelensky’s countless speeches to audiences around the world to rally support for his embattled country.

Zelensky’s office released video of the meeting with the Hollywood star…

As for Sean Penn, he was actually in Ukraine working on a documentary at the moment Russia invaded on Feb. 24.

Ukraine subsequently bestowed top state awards to both Stiller and Penn “for support, upholding freedom and independence of Ukraine” – which they’ve continued to do in public statements and on social media.

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Mon, 09/05/2022 – 14:45

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