Russian ‘False Flag’ In Ukraine Story Emerged After CIA Director Secretly Visited Kiev

Russian ‘False Flag’ In Ukraine Story Emerged After CIA Director Secretly Visited Kiev

On Monday it came to light that last week’s whole false flag story which involved the US alleging that Russia is planning some kind of deceptive attack on its own forces or proxies in order to justify an incursion into Ukraine was fed straight to the CIA from Kiev intelligence officials

CNN has now disclosed that the sensational charge against Moscow that it’s prepping “potential sabotage operations against their own forces” – as Bloomberg described it last Friday – was likely made known to CIA Director William Burns during a secretive January 12 visit to Kiev where he met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and top officials.

Scoop: CIA Dir Burns traveled to Kyiv last week and met with Zelensky, amid Russia’s military buildup. A US official said Burns & intel counterparts discussed “current assessments of risk to Ukraine.” US disclosed alleged Russian false flag plot soon after. w/@KatieBoLillis

— Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) January 17, 2022

As we described days ago, the allegation was dubious from the start as it was based on the usual “anonymous” and “unnamed” US intelligence officials.

During Burns’ now officially acknowledged trip, he and Ukraine’s intelligence leaders discussed “current assessments of risk to Ukraine” – and according to CNN’s Natasha Bertrand, and then US officials “disclosed the alleged Russian false flag plot soon after.”

Meanwhile, on Monday Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again blasted the US claims (and we might add, what appear to be the evidence-free allegations spun in Kiev), telling the US it’s peddling “total disinformation” with the false flag narrative.

Further, Lavrov reiterated “that Russia expects a written response this week from the U.S. and its allies to Moscow’s request for binding guarantees that NATO will not embrace Ukraine or any other ex-Soviet nations, or station its forces and weapons there,” the AP writes.

“A US official told CNN” is not a “Scoop” but demonstrates the willingness of ‘journalists’ to stenograph unverifiable government disinformation.

— Moon of Alabama (@MoonofA) January 14, 2022

Reviewing the slew of reports and claims that have come out in just the last days, journalist Dave DeCamp writes:

The claim that Russia is planning a false flag against the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region first surfaced in a CNN report. What started as a flimsy claim from an anonymous US official quickly spread through most major US media outlets and then was parroted by the White House and Pentagon.

The US has provided no evidence to back up the false flag assertion. The extraordinary claim overshadowed a report from Yahoo News that revealed the CIA has been training Ukrainian paramilitaries since 2015. One former CIA official said the training program taught the Ukrainians how to “kill Russians.”

Translation: Kiev fed it to CIA, who fed it to Fusion Natasha, who fed it to CNN, who fed it to the American public. At no point was it ever true.

— Nebojša Malić (@NebojsaMalic) January 18, 2022

Again, on top of all of the above – as if this weren’t enough to convince any objective outside observer that an intense propaganda campaign is being waged over the Ukraine crisis – we now know the most “bombshell” recent accusations against Russia and Putin appear sourced to the Ukrainians themselves.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 01/18/2022 – 15:23

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