“Sabotage, Disrupt, Delay”: Mossad Reportedly Planning Expanded Strikes On Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

“Sabotage, Disrupt, Delay”: Mossad Reportedly Planning Expanded Strikes On Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

The New York-based Algemeiner newspaper, a Jewish publication focused on American and Israel-related news, has issued a detailed report unveiling Israeli intelligence contingency plans to ramp up sabotage efforts against Iran’s nuclear facilities at a moment Vienna negotiations remain stalled into August.

The publication cites Hebrew media sources to say “the IDF and the Mossad have emphasized to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the government generally that while it is necessary to prepare for the possibility of an Israeli air strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, such an approach would be greatly complicated by a renewed nuclear deal.”

Spate of mystery explosions have rocked Iran over much of past year, via Washington Post.

This strongly suggests that Tel Aviv sees the window as closing on efforts to derail Iranian nuclear production capabilities, should Tehran and Washington inch closer to a restored JCPOA after Iranian president-elect Ebrahim Raisi takes office August 3rd. Iran, however, has maintained all along that its nuclear development is solely for peaceful domestic energy purposes.

In the scenario of a future ‘done deal’ being reported out of Vienna amid the upcoming 7th round of talks, Israeli officials have expressed that any aerial bombing campaign would become too politically problematic – and could further risk a wider war, hence the need for smaller “surgical” operations.

The report provides the following details on plans to expand the IDF and Mossad’s counter-Iran capabilities

Given all this, the IDF and the Mossad stressed that Israel should develop multiple operational plans, which could be put into operation whether the US signs a new deal with Iran or not.

The goal of such operations would not be to destroy Iran’s nuclear program in a single blow, but to sabotage, disrupt, and delay the program indefinitely through surgical strikes and intelligence operations.

This would be in keeping with current policy, which has seen major accidents, sabotage, and assassinations related to Iran’s nuclear program, most of which are believed to be the result of Israeli intelligence activity.

Such covert espionage campaigns would begin with greater black budget funding, according to the Israeli sources cited in the report. 

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Lindsey Graham warns ALL ISRAEL NEWS that IDF may have to launch preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities soon https://t.co/uQtAvE9Ddd via @all_israel_news

— All Israel News (@all_israel_news) July 21, 2021

More details are as follows:

IDF sources said that further operations are already in the planning stages, saying, “There are big plans and small plans.”

The purpose of the operations is not solely military, but also to “humiliate the Iranians” and harm their morale, giving them the feeling that they are under siege by Israeli operations they are powerless to stop.

Last summer especially saw major sabotage operations disrupt key infrastructure across Iran, which was widely blamed on Israeli intelligence, as well as more recent cyberattacks on the Natanz nuclear facility which caused fires and possibly explosions. Fires at oil facilities and factories have also been on the rise in recent months, making it hard to know what’s an ‘accident’ and what’s not.

For example, in the month of June…

Fire & Explosion Hit #Iran Steel Factory In Third Major Incident In 5 Days#Karaj #Tehran
📹 pic.twitter.com/rY2cgddn1l

— Mete Sohtaoğlu (@metesohtaoglu) June 7, 2021

There was also last November’s almost unbelievable Hollywood-style assassination of the Islamic Republic’s top nuclear scientist, which involved a one-ton remote automated gun – which Israeli officials and sources appeared to openly boast about. If this latest stunning report out of Algemeiner is accurate, there’s likely a lot more Israeli ‘dirty tricks’ inside Iran to come in the next weeks and months.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 07/22/2021 – 22:20

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