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Scientific Fraud and the CDC


‘Scientific fraud’: Drs. Robert Malone, Ryan Cole react to CDC hiding data

‘These are the people that are entrusted to tell us the truth’

Dr. Cole and I sat down with Art Moore in Washington State on Monday to talk about the CDC covering up data, scientific fraud and what comes next. The video is linked above. But for those who prefer to read, the full transcript of the conversation is below.
Note: the above link is not being allowed to be forwarded by T-mobile and probably other cell phone services. Evidently speaking about censorship and scientific fraud is considered too dangerous by our government.

The conversation begins with:

Mr. Art Moore:

I’m Art Moore in Gig Harbor, Washington, here with Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole. And we’re here with parents and activists and lawmakers who are really concerned about this safety issue regarding the COVID vaccines. And we’ve talked about the CDC data that’s on the VAERS database and the fact that it is in spite of accusations that it’s not reliable.

It is giving us some alarming safety signals. But now we come to a blockbuster story. The New York Times has interviewed CDC officials who admit that they have data that goes beyond this VAERS data. They have granular data that is indicating how many people have been hospitalized deaths. Other data regarding the impact of these vaccines that they admit they’ve been hiding and hiding because they’re concerned about vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Cole, what’s your reaction to that?

Dr. Ryan Cole

Well, as an ethical physician who took oaths to the human race, this is incredibly disturbing. These are the people that are entrusted to share with us the truth, to know that they’re withholding safety data signals all in the name of trying to prevent a hesitancy over something experimental that’s being used not only on adults, but trying to push this forward on children with no long term safety record.

We can’t advance the clock and know what the long term outcomes are. We now to know that they know that there are problems and they’re withholding it from the American people, that is scientific fraud.

Dr. Robert Malone

I completely concur. So I’m just going to read the title and a couple of clips from this blockbuster New York Times piece. And by the way, what I find fascinating is The New York Times is trying to normalize what has been going on at the CDC. They’re trying to make it sound like it’s acceptable practice. And I strongly concur with Ryan.

This meets the criteria of scientific fraud. Withholding data is scientific fraud. So reading from the title, “The CDC isn’t publishing large portions of the COVID data it collects”. New York Times February 21st 2022 just an amazing title. Read that again. “CDC is not publishing large portions of the COVID data it collects.” Then there’s a quote from Samuel Scarpino, managing director of the Pathogen Surveillance at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Prevention Institute. This is somebody who is deeply in the non-governmental sector, speaking on behalf basically of the scientists at the CDC that have failed to disclose this up till now. Here’s what he says. Direct quote, “The CDC is a political organization as much as it is a public health organization.” I mean, that is totally inconsistent with their charter. He’s speaking the truth of the situation, and that’s where we’re at, the CDC.

He is saying the the CDC is overtly functioning as a political arm of the executive branch as opposed to serving its mandate from Congress. To protect the health and collect the information. In this, as the Centers for Disease Control and Surveillance that is their mission. This guy, Samuel Scarpino, goes on to say, “The steps that it takes to get something like this released are often well outside of the control of many of the scientists who work at the CDC”. Now think that quote through.

Basically a non-governmental spokesperson for the official public health scientific community is throwing Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, under the bus. What he is saying, if you read think through his words is that the governmental leadership of the CDC has stifled CDC scientists and preventing them from disclosing key information to the public about the risks of the vaccine.

That is stunning.

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