Shameful CPAC Mask Mandate

The reports from the ground are that Covid-19 screening and face masks are required at CPAC 2021 being held in Orlando, Florida this weekend. 


Rather than standing by science and standing by values, Republicans, even conservative Republicans, are instead deciding to virtue signal. 


Virtue signaling will not work. The media will depict CPAC as a super-spreader event regardless of what precautions are taken by CPAC organizers. 


Covid screening via questionnaire is flawed virtual signaling, though far less intrusive than the awful CPAC mask mandate. 


Face masks do not work against the spread of respiratory viruses and may even be harmful. This information was reported by Dr Jingyi Xiao and her team in the CDCs peer-reviewed journal of epidemiology Emerging Infectious Disease in May 2020. This important review of 14 randomized controlled trials with laboratory confirmed results came out several weeks after the political hacks at the CDC suddenly started demanding that everyone mask up. 


Xiao’s was the best and most authoritative paper on face masks written in 2020. The media obediently swept it under the rug. To allow anyone to suggest masks were unnecessary or that hydroxychloroquine was efficacious was to empower the bad orange man, which was to be avoided at all cost in Orwellian 2020. This was a far more important goal for some than journalistic integrity. 


Behavior like that can be expected of the mainstream media. Better must be demanded of CPAC and from others within our ranks. 


Mask mandates are not common sense interventions, they are physically harmful, psychologically invasive, and sociologically damaging orders that deserve no quarter among people who claim to value the individual. 


My book Face Masks in One Lesson is written for individuals who want to never again wear a face mask. It gives the “why” and the “how” for those who want to confidently, legally, ethically, and safely never wear a mask again. It works so well that it became a bestseller for its category its first week out. 


While politicians like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo, or companies like Whole Foods and Walmart, can be expected to need chiding on this topic of individual autonomy and can be expected to need to be taught a lesson on what works and what doesn’t work, it’s a shock to see organizers of CPAC needing the same lesson. 


Newsom overstepped his authority and the voters of California are sending him a message by putting a recall on the ballot. He has suddenly started to sound a lot more humble. Cuomo overplayed his hand during corona communism and is under attack as well. In poetic justice, neither may see their political careers last through the year. 


2020 was such an awful year not because of the totalitarians of the Chinese Communist Party. It was such an awful year because of the totalitarians on our own shores who thought it better to emulate the CCP during a time of crisis rather than rely on our American methods of handling crisis: trust the individual to make the right decisions for himself and his family, get government out of the way, and everything will work out. 


It wasn’t a virus that did so much harm. It was our reaction to the virus, a reaction that said so many of us are people of fear, not people of faith. It was a reaction that said so many of us trusted in the collective, especially government, rather than letting the individual and the family make decisions for themselves. 


This behavior, perhaps started by some with good intentions, quickly turned into a period that history will not judge as our finest moment, and predictably so. Our values are easy to have during easy times. However, turning to our values to guide us is hardest and needed most during time of crisis. I, for one, do not share the CCPs values on how to handle a crisis. Where do you stand? 


At least one other person agrees with me. A wise man once said “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”


That was our fortieth President, Ronald Reagan, a man who preceded Gavin Newsom as governor of California. 


We didn’t need the heavy-handed approach from government in 2020, we didn’t need it from businesses or neighbors, and we don’t need it in 2021. Despite all the rhetoric about how moral and lifesaving all these heavy-handed approaches are, those approaches don’t benefit anyone other than those who want to take more power for themselves. 


Mask mandates should be laughed at and never obeyed. They are based in junk science and levied by tyrannical people. No tyranny should be entertained by a free man. 


Radical left-wingers, bureaucrats, and technocrats might entertain such tyranny, but it should not be welcomed within our ranks. 


At this point, it is obvious that the masks are not about stopping the contagion of SARS-COV-2. The masks are about stopping the contagion known as courage, something we are in short supply of. The masks are very effective at dispiriting courage. Vowing to never again wear a mask builds courage in he who makes that vow. Burning the awful mask punctuates that vow! 


We live in dark and fraudulent times for our Republic, and more now than ever, it is courage that is needed. Some would prefer you just wear your mask and shut up. The poet Virgil once advised what to do at a time like this: “Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.” 


Rather than entertaining this mask nonsense, I hope the organizers of CPAC will make a statement this weekend of how committed they are to individual autonomy and how committed they are to encouraging perseverance and courage from among conservatives through this particularly dark and fraudulent time in American history by hosting a face mask burning out in the parking lot. The thousand mask burn. 


Let the media scream about it. Let the chattering classes wail about it. Let the punditry denounce it. They will have their desultory footage from the CPAC super-spreader event to play. They won’t be able to ignore it and the images of the burning masks will encourage many millions of Americans to do the same. It will encourage and inspire the rest of the country in a way that this CPAC will not otherwise have the power to do, and will constitute true leadership: leadership by example. 


This authentic, costly leadership is the very opposite of virtue signaling. 


What a wonderful turning point that decisive and symbolic action would be, a turning point that may very well go into the history books, a turning point at which some of the most courageous among the American people state loudly and clearly that we will not be masked any longer. That we will not accept this corona communism any longer. That we will leave the sickness of 2020 back in the dustbins of history where it belongs and not let it be dragged any further into 2021 with us. 


Our future deserves better. We deserve better. You deserve better. Never wear that mask again. Burn it. Be the courageous hero you were meant to be at a time like this. Be the warrior you were meant to be. 

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