Shots Fired: CNN’s Brian Stelter Unleashes Potato-Gun On Chris Cuomo

Shots Fired: CNN’s Brian Stelter Unleashes Potato-Gun On Chris Cuomo

Not even one day after CNN fired Chris Cuomo for shielding his scandal-plagued brother and ‘additional information’ which came to light, former colleague Brian Stelter threw Fredo under the bus.

“Chris Cuomo, one of the most popular anchors at CNN, one of the best-known names in television news, violated journalistic ethics and norms not once or twice, but many times and that’s ultimately what is the result of today’s news, Jim,” Stelter told Jim Acosta. “What we didn’t know until tonight, Jim, is that an outside law firm came in and went through the thousands of pages of text messages and sworn testimony that was released back on Monday. So there was clearly something in those documents that was found to be a serious breach of standards and practices.”

The “Reliable Sources” host dinged Cuomo for “acting like an unpaid staffer” for his brother based on the documents released by the AG despite how “it was known months ago” that the anchor was helping the governor.

Stelter told Acosta he has “no answers” as to the “additional information” CNN had learned as part of its investigation and when it would ever be made public. –Fox News

“I think this may be a situation where it was death by a thousand cuts, where there were just so many headaches time and time again involving Chris Cuomo that even though many viewers loved ‘Cuomo Prime Time,’ looked forward to his show, he was causing so many headaches for the network and for CNN staffers that ultimately this decision was reached,” Stelter continued. “I do think, you know, this is a moment where journalistic ethics are at play. I know there were many CNN staffers very unhappy with the situation, very frustrated by Chris Cuomo. At the same time, Jim, I was hearing from some fans of Chris, some viewers who said we understood he was looking out for his family.”


Tyler Durden
Sun, 12/05/2021 – 20:00

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