Sirens Blare Across Downtown Chicago As Tornado Warning In Effect

Sirens Blare Across Downtown Chicago As Tornado Warning In Effect

A tornado warning has been issued across the Chicago metropolitan area and parts of northern Cook County Monday evening, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). 

Tornado sirens can be heard across Chicago as a potentially dangerous weather system hits the metro area. 

The tornado sirens near by brothers place in Uptown are insanely creepy

— Jennnnayyy (@chitown2socal) June 13, 2022

Chicago’s tornado sirens blaring ahead a powerful tornado warned storm! 🌪🔊

Video sent in by: Art Shaikh#weather #tornado #stormhour #chicago

— Nash Rhodes (@NashWX) June 13, 2022

Tornado sirens going off in Downtown Chicago #ILwx #chicago #tornadowarning

— Danielle Dozier News 19 (@DanielleDozier) June 13, 2022

A tornado 🌪 ugly right now here in the Windy City #Chicago take care people, the siren 🚨 is activated throughout the city it’s dangerous ⚠️ #Cubs @Cubs @cachorros @hgomez27

— Mike Rodriguez | Univision 🍥 (@mikedeportes) June 14, 2022

NWS Chicago tweeted wind gusts hit 84 mph at O’Hare International Airport. 

[6:46 PM 6/13] Gusting to 84 mph at #Chicago-O’Hare right now! #ilwx

— NWS Chicago (@NWSChicago) June 13, 2022

Meteorologists are telling people in the metro area to seek immediate shelter. 

Time to seek shelter in #Chicago! #Tornado warning in place, as well as large hail, high winds, and torrential rain moving in! #ilwx

— Chris McBee (@McBeeWX) June 13, 2022

Possible tornadic circulation is being reported. 

Very dangerous storm moving through #Chicago!

A possible tornadic circulation is located near Cicero right now just west of the rail yard near the Chick-Fil-A on Harlem Ave. Midway next!

Meanwhile, an 80 mph cold-air wraparound about to sock La Grange, Bedford Park, Riverview.

— Matthew Cappucci (@MatthewCappucci) June 14, 2022

Look at the rotation on tornado warning #Chicago.

— Bill Karins (@BillKarins) June 14, 2022

We still see some rotation in the Midway area where there is over 80 mph winds. This is a dangerous storm. Take shelter. #awsc #chicago

— America’s Weather Streaming Channel (@awscyoutube) June 14, 2022

Breaking: it appears the circulation near Maywood, Illinois — part of the #Chicago metro — may have produced a tornado or significant straight-like wind damage.

Preliminary reports of the “entire roof of a [third] floor apartment removed” from the emergency management.

— Matthew Cappucci (@MatthewCappucci) June 14, 2022


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