So Long 2022, Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

When 2020 was winding down, the mantra was, “good riddance.” There couldn’t be another year that bad. Except 2021 was even worse. And then 2022- you can sense a pattern here. It’s not only the COVID vaccine that’s on “warp speed,” it’s the rush towards an Orwellian world we couldn’t have imagined even five years ago.

2022 was a hard one for me personally. As I’ve written about perhaps too many times, my brother Ricky died suddenly on January 20. But it wasn’t the #DiedSuddenly that was all the rage online until social media banned it. He wasn’t vaccinated, so that bioweapon didn’t kill him, as it has killed untold numbers around the world. Instead, he was murdered by COVID “protocol” in a hospital, again like countless others have been. Then, in October, my good friend and fellow writer Walt Gavenda died a very painful death. So it was a year of personal loss.

Many families were mourning senseless losses like this, throughout 2022. Young children developing serious heart issues, or even dying of heart attacks. People of all ages dying inexplicably, with obituaries conveniently leaving out the cause. Begrudging admissions have appeared in mainstream media, essentially acknowledging we were right about various aspects of the Greatest Psyop of All Time. The most notable example of this was the suggestion of an “amnesty” on the subject in Atlantic magazine, by a formerly hysterical proponent of the draconian response.

But still our leaders continue to advocate for restrictions, and the laughable scientific establishment warns of new “surges” almost every day. It’s the super flu! It’s the “Tripledemic!” It’s “Christmas Disease!” They are actually claiming that in China, where all this lunacy was born, more are dying from “COVID” than ever before. Nearly three years after it burst upon the world scene. What exactly is the “science” behind that? Is “COVID-19” going to be the first indestructible virus? After all, the vaccine certainly doesn’t stop it. They admit that. Why can’t our magnificent Medical Industrial Complex deal with this? They tell us they’re the best in the world.

The COVID madness would be enough, all by itself, to make 2022 one of the worst years in recorded history. The constant lies. The excessive deaths that should rock the foundations of our society. The evisceration of what was left of our civil liberties. And the sobering fact that no one with a large public platform is telling the truth about the subject. At best, you have Rand Paul focusing on “gain of function” research. But no one is questioning the validity of the virus itself. I am doing just that, in the book I have nearly finished, with the tentative title of Masking the Truth: How COVID-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World.

But even without this eugenicist’s wet dream, this culling of the herd, 2022 would have been a disastrous year. For the people. For the elite, it was another winning production, of more accumulated wealth and concentrated power. The average American had an incomprehensible amount of personal freedom fifty years ago, compared to today. You could argue some of it was unwise; kids bouncing around unbelted in the back of pickup trucks, babies being held by adults in cars, smoking being permitted everywhere. But liberty is liberty. And ours has been all but eradicated.

In the 1970s, many of us used to smoke dope on the job. The World War 2 vets all kept a bottle of liquor in their desks. Which they drank from freely during work hours. It was even possible in some situations to have sex on the job. However you look at it, the workplace was a lot more fun in America 1.0. I used to go to parties all the time. Great parties. Where there was a real chance of meeting someone. Do they even have parties anymore? I know when my kids were teenagers, video game parties where they’d drink coffee were popular. Or play poker. Now, I think they all mostly stay at home. Plug into the Matrix. Basically what I do.

The 2022 midterm elections should have convinced anyone left who had doubts, that the electoral system is beyond our control. We can’t vote ourselves out of this. They aren’t going to let you remove them from power. They love the lifestyle. The perks. Hell, they probably still can smoke dope and drink on the job. History shows they undoubtedly have a lot of sex on the taxpayer dime as well, some of it with underage pages. And I think the Washington, D.C. power parties still exist. So, that’s who’s partying- our rotten “elected representatives.”

Arizona just declared some Democratic chick (I know, that is really an antiquated term, but we used it a lot back in America 1.0, and I think it fits) the winner in a recount by 280 votes. Just in that same state, poor Kari Lake is almost out of appeals. And her opponent, Katie Hobbs (why do I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who is named Katie? I think it’s the Katie Couric effect), who was in charge of overseeing an election she was a part of, may be prosecuting Lake for….well, I guess complaining about electoral fraud.

The state controlled media now uniformly refers to anyone who questions our rigged elections as “election deniers.” Just like “Holocaust deniers.” And if they can throw “Holocaust deniers” in jail- which they have in other countries- why can’t they imprison “election deniers?” People like me are also classified as “COVID deniers.” Can’t we turn this around on them? Call them “corruption deniers?” “Conspiracy deniers” has a lot more validity to it than the hackneyed CIA term “conspiracy theorists.” How about “tyranny deniers?”

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