Soros Soars, GOP Cowards Cower

I devoted my Dec. 15 column to newly elected Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón and his benefactor George Soros. Gascón has one goal: to put the people of L.A. at the mercy of criminals. He’s the face of anarcho-tyranny, and George Soros is the wallet. The night after my column, Tucker Carlson devoted his opening segment to Gascón and Soros. I’m not claiming causation; Carlson’s done pieces on Gascón before. But what struck me about Carlson’s commentary was what he left out.

Tuck opened his Gascón/Soros monologue with a claim that is at once true and misleading:

Many of the most important elections are the ones you hear nothing about. The news media barely covers them and most voters don’t know they’re happening. As a result, a small group of committed extremists get to control the outcomes of those elections, often with disastrous results.

Look, I despise the media more than anyone. I was writing anti-media screeds back when Tuck was still under the impression that the bow tie was killing it. But it’s disingenuous to blame the media in this instance. As I wrote in my Dec. 15 column, a key element in Gascón’s victory was the fact that the local GOP didn’t lift a finger to oppose him.

Let me illustrate that in a personal way (and as self-indulgent as this illustration may seem, it has legitimate relevance). As my regular readers know, from 1998 through 2013 I went by the name of David Stein, and I was a fancy-ass big-timey GOP organizer here in L.A. And then in May 2013 I was “outed” in The Guardian for hurty words I’d said about Auschwitz in the early 1990s.

In May 2013, the Westside Republicans (the GOP org that covers L.A.’s prosperous Westside) sent out no less than three email bulletins alerting members to my malevolence (here’s one example). That same group, those same Westside Republicans, didn’t send out one single email or one single Facebook post or tweet this year alerting members to the dangers posed by George Gascón.

Not one.

I merited three, for words I’d spoken twenty years earlier. But Gascón, whose policies will actually kill Angelenos, merited zero.

I find it hilarious that rightists are blaming the media for not “informing” voters about Gascón. Rightists trusting a life-or-death decision to the media? And then acting surprised and indignant when the media fails to serve the public good? Have we all gone tarded? It’s not up to the fucking media to do our work for us. It was up to the people who in theory should’ve been against Gascón to take the initiative and raise awareness and money to defeat him.

Mainstream conservatives are doing everything they can to avoid acknowledging the lack of GOP opposition to George Soros and his puppets. A Dec. 17 Washington Examiner piece wondered why Soros scored so many wins in November while Republicans did well in most other down-ballot races. And not once in the Examiner piece was the issue of opposition and the lack thereof even hinted at.

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