South Africa Health Minister Says Hospitalisations & Deaths “Remain Low”

South Africa Health Minister Says Hospitalisations & Deaths “Remain Low”

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The Health Minister of South Africa has released a statement saying that the rates of hospitalisations and deaths in the country that saw the first wave of the Omicron variant “remain relatively low.”

The statement is at odds with the reaction to Omicron in western countries, particularly the UK where hysteria is now running rampant despite the variant causing milder symptoms than Delta.

“According to scientific studies, this virus is spreading quicker than in previous waves, but the rates of hospitalisations and deaths remain relatively low,” said Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla.

He went on to tell South Africans that they should practice reasonable safety measures and avoid “super-spreader” events, but that the Omicron variant should not prevent a “joyous Christmas, and prosperous New Year celebrations.”

The country will also remain at level 1 of restrictions, which is the lowest level.

While experts in South Africa continue to try to calm panic in other countries driven by the Omicron variant, health authorities in the UK are still insisting that it’s “too early” to tell if Omicron is milder, despite every indication suggesting it is.

They also assert that it doesn’t matter if the variant is milder, the fact that it is far more transmissible will lead to hospitalisations and deaths on the same level or more as last January’s peaks.

However, if that were the case, over a month into the outbreak, South African hospitals would surely be massively struggling, and yet they’re not.

In reality, as Doctor Angelique Coetzee has explained, putting in place more lockdowns and restrictions to stop Omicron’s spread could actually harm the opportunity for “natural immunity” that it provides.

As we previously highlighted, data coming out of South Africa indicates that the Omicron outbreak of COVID-19 is already “running out of steam,” and according to one expert, “the world has nothing to fear.”

The likes of Professor Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson have however deliberately tried to dismiss such evidence and focus solely on case rates.

The result has been the mass cancellation of events, with Brits placing themselves into lockdown as the hospitality industry takes another massive blow, one that many businesses will never come back from.

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