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State-Allowed Crime, Violence, Property Destruction, and Theft as an Economic Weapon

“One thing, however, is sure, – that in all cases the effort should be to impose all the cost of repairing the wrong upon the doer of the wrong. This alone is real justice, and of course such justice is necessarily free.”

~ Benjamin Tucker

Gang violence, theft, property destruction, and assault, all sanctioned by the ‘representatives’ of the State ruling apparatus and its enforcement arms, have become rampant in many areas of the country. This will consume all areas of the country if left to the desires of the ruling class. This is atrocious enough, but is only the beginning, as this State manufactured terror will spread like wild fire to the rest of the U.S., similar to how the fake ‘viruses’ are ‘claimed’ to spread, and will infect the entire country if not stopped in its tracks. The difference here, is that the fake ‘viruses’ are an absolute lie, but the allowed violent usurpations that are invading all aspects of normal life in this country, while manufactured, are very real. The same can be said of the intentional terroristic immigration policies, now causing due to the mass importation of those without jobs or any way of supporting themselves other than by heinous State transfer of wealth operations, an atmosphere of fear,  hate, and loathsome attitudes of extreme division. This is a recipe for disaster, but it is all a deliberate effort to cause civil unrest.

It should be obvious but it is not to most, that this attempt by the State to stoke fear and universal violence due to political maneuvering, is completely purposeful and conspiratorially plotted to cause a certain reaction. While the country is allowed to burn, literally and figuratively, it is not only fear, panic, and hatred that is evident, but the economic ramifications being caused by the State’s sanctioned policies is having a monstrous adverse economic effect, and this is all part of the plan to harm society as a whole in order to advance its agenda for total control.

Just recently, and this pattern has been ongoing since the bogus ‘covid’ lie, Target announced the closing of nine more stores in major cities; current locations include, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and New York, but it will not end here. Besides Target, this has happened to many other retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, Starbucks, Apple, Macys, Bloomingdales, Louis Vuitton, and many others, with hundreds of small retail stores closing on a regular basis due to theft as well. This is due to extreme violent theft by criminal gangs of mostly young people, who are allowed to simply walk away with valuable merchandise due to thievery; up to $950 per incident or store, without prosecution of anything other than a misdemeanor. This did not begin with this exact type of theft, it began with the allowed criminal behavior by the vicious and vile groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Antifa, all based on false reasoning, and sanctioned by the political class.

Pre-conceived and premeditated theft, violence, assault, property destruction , and in some cases murder, are being allowed to happen without consequence by those liars claiming to be your ‘representatives,’ and ‘protectors,’ in government. None of this could happen in any free society, one steeped in anarchism, because all aspects of business and defensive protection would be private, and private security would be unrestricted in any efforts to protect the assets and lives of its employer. No one could attempt to steal or harm another without being restrained by whatever measures necessary for self defense of property and life. But that is the opposite of what is sought by those attempting to take total control over all through the process of world government.

We are all under a full assault by the State, its actors, its bureaucracies, its ‘enforcement’ arms, and its policies of destruction; all bent on power, control, and depopulation. This is not just allowed theft and violence, it is also economic warfare against the people; all to create as much dependence on the State as possible, so as to gain complete control by psychological as well as physical and economic means. Do not disregard this fact, because this is war, but it is war by your own State against you, your family, and all your neighbors. The goal is to break down the individual and to force collectivism in order to cripple all intellect relying on logic, reason, virtue, and critical thinking. That is the effort being aggressively pursued by what most all of you falsely refer to as ‘your’ country. It is not ‘your’ country, and cannot be, so as long as you allow rulers to lord over you, effectively accepting your position in life as a slave to the State.

Besides the atrocities being allowed to take place in full view of any paying attention, much more horror, death, and destruction are on the horizon. It will come in waves, but will be never-ending so long as it is tolerated by this compliant, obedient, and indifferent population of blinded fools. Dependence on the State at any level can only bring heartbreak and terror, as has been significantly evidenced at least for the past century or more. Since the 9/11 inside false flag and fraud, tyranny has escalated almost uncontrollably, and since the bogus ‘covid ‘ fiasco, the psychological capture of the masses has been all-consuming. It will get much worse before it can get better, if in fact that is even possible at this late stage of the game.

As we enter this fall and winter, expect multiple attacks on the common classes due to a more aggressive approach by the State concerning its false and fabricated ‘virus’ lies. More restrictions, regulations, mandates, lockdowns, and quarantines are likely coming, and do expect more aggressive enforcement this time around, especially in the area of mass censorship. Truthtellers are on the verge of an all-out attack against them, as a blitzkrieg of attacks and feigned ’emergencies’ emerge so as to inundate this weak population with false threats and risk. Fires, floods, extreme geoengineered weather events, fake ‘climate change’ stupidity, food shortages, energy shortages, destruction of cash and CBDC implementation, and lack of supply of vital goods, will be used to corral you into groups unable to think or keep the ability to practice active dissent.

The allowed criminal behavior, forced ‘immigration’ at unheard of levels, wealth transfers, housing market destruction, extreme homelessness, theft, and health devastation due to poisons, bio-weapon injections, universal spraying of heavy metals, nano-particles, and chemicals, will be ongoing, and used as a form of mass control. All will be intentional, but will be presented to the so-called ‘public,’ as natural threats to be addressed by government action only.

Look through this ruse, question everything, and when no real answers by the evil State are forthcoming, begin the process of eliminating (abolishing) the ruling structure of this now failed and evil empire in favor of real freedom. Obedience, submission, and compliance guarantee slavery, but independent thinking, strength against tyranny, and non-compliance with any government order brings only a more free society.

“If the individual has a right to govern himself, all external government is tyranny. Hence the necessity of abolishing the State.”

~ Benjamin Tucker–Benjamin Ricketson Tucker (1972). “State Socialism and Anarchism and Other Essays”, Ralph Myles Pub

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