Subscription Law Enforcement Service Piloted In LA Amid Defunding Police 

Subscription Law Enforcement Service Piloted In LA Amid Defunding Police 

This year, violent crime across liberal-run Los Angeles County is out of control amid the “defund the police” movement. A private security firm that describes itself as a “subscription law enforcement service” has launched a pilot program in the metro area to fix this. 

Motherboard reports Citizen, a neighborhood watch app, partnered with LAPS, or Los Angeles Professional Security, a private security firm, to provide a “subscription law enforcement service” to residents and businesses. 

From neighborhood watch app to now a Citizen-branded vehicle driving around Los Angeles, providing security services to clients is a business idea that will likely flourish considering defund the police has crushed Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), unable to manage the metro area as shootings and murders skyrocket so far this year. 

On its website, LAPS defines itself as a “subscription law enforcement service.” An internal email observed by Motherboard said the company is “an additional response partner.” 

A Citizen spokesperson told Motherboard that “LAPS offers a personal rapid response service that we are testing internally with employees as a small test. For example, if someone would like an escort to walk them home late at night, they can request this service. We have spoken with various partners in designing this pilot project.”

Subscription law enforcement services will probably flourish in liberal-run cities as defunding the police movement is backfiring as these metro areas become more dangerous. 

Tyler Durden
Sat, 05/22/2021 – 22:00

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