Surgeon General Publicly Responds to Woods

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Well, I wasn’t expecting this.

Today Donald Trump’s Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, responded to me.

Here’s the background:

In episode 2149 of the Tom Woods Show, Kelley Krohnert explained how she figured out that the commonly repeated claim in recent weeks that Covid was among the top five killers of children was bogus. All across the public health establishment this obviously false claim was uncritically repeated. Anyone following Covid had to know it was false, but they all repeated it.

Kelley Krohnert is a smart woman with corporate experience but she’s not a statistician or in public health. Yet she exposed this particular case of fakery, while no journalist or public health specialist did.

Then, on Twitter, Kelley pointed this out to Jerome Adams.

The following exchange ensued:

I don’t think there’s any real reply to that. How could someone who’s been seriously engaged on this topic actually think Covid was among the top threats to children? What does this tell us about our “public health” establishment.

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