Suspect In Times Square Shooting Arrested After Car Runs Out Of Gas In Florida

Suspect In Times Square Shooting Arrested After Car Runs Out Of Gas In Florida

Merging two of the biggest trending news stories in the US right now, the suspect in a brazen daytime shooting that took place in NYC’s Times Square has reportedly been captured by police after running out of gas in Florida due to the shortages gripping the American southeast.

Farrakhan Muhammad was detained near Jacksonville police said after he was found and taken into custody at a McDonald’s located at 802 South Walnut Street in Starke, according to NBC affiliate WTLV. He was found in his car after it ran out of gas, apparently due to the closures of gas stations.

He was reportedly arrested by US marshals via a regional NY/NJ task force.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC that police new he was headed south, and that there was a confirmed sighting on Tuesday. Now, both he and his girlfriend are being questioned to see if she knew whether he was a wanted man, or was knowingly abetting a fugitive.

A 4-year-old Brooklyn girl was one of three people hit with stray bullets from when Muhammad allegedly opened fire on a crowded street corner on Saturday.

Senior NYPD sources told NBC News that detectives think he was trying to shoot his brother but missed, hitting the pedestrians in the busy tourist hub.

The shooting, which isn’t believed to be an incident of terrorism, has been portrayed as emblematic of the surge in violent crime in the city over the last year.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 05/12/2021 – 14:51

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