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Taliban Reportedly Sets Woman On Fire Because They Were “Dissatisfied With Her Cooking”

Taliban Reportedly Sets Woman On Fire Because They Were “Dissatisfied With Her Cooking”

Remember the assurances the Taliban has tried to offer the world that it is seeking peace and calm after forcefully taking over Kabul?

Well, try this one on for size: just days after seizing control of Afghanistan, the Taliban reportedly set a woman on fire because they were “dissatisfied with her cooking”, according to the Telegraph

The horrifying incident came after the Taliban attacked people waving the Afghan flag and forced a German charity to close its doors. The charity said the safe houses it was running for Afghan nationals had become “death traps”. 

Marcus Grotian, an active German soldier who ran the charity, said: “The Taliban are going door to door looking for local forces. This was foreseeable, and there has already been a visit to one of the safehouses by the Taliban. Thank God it was empty.” 

Islamists also “went door to door hunting journalists and interpreters,” the Telegraph wrote.

“Multiple reports of casual abuse of women by insurgents” have been reported after the Afghan government collapsed. This included one woman who was “put on fire because she was accused of bad cooking for Taliban fighters”.

Najla Ayoubi, a former judge and campaigner against violence against women who fled the country said: “They are forcing people to give them food and cook them food. They also force families to marry their young daughters to Taliban fighters. I don’t see where is the promise that they think women should be going to work, when we are seeing all of these atrocities.” 

While the Taliban has publicly promised to respect women’s rights, fighters on the ground appear to be indulging in “impulsive acts”, the report says. 

One former military interpreter concluded: “We need to get out before they come knocking on the door.”

You can read the Telegraph’s full story here

Tyler Durden
Sun, 08/22/2021 – 13:30

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