Tesla Investigating Collision That Killed One Chinese Policeman And Injured Another

Tesla Investigating Collision That Killed One Chinese Policeman And Injured Another

Tesla has now confirmed an accident in the Chinese city of Taizhou, in Zhejiang province, that reportedly killed one Chinese policeman, while injuring another. 

“Two Chinese policemen were injured in a collision Monday,” the company’s Weibo account confirmed, according to Bloomberg early Tuesday morning. Tesla reportedly “made a report to an unidentified government agency on the accident” after it occurred. 

The company said it “will work with the government” to investigate the accident. Differing from Tesla’s Weibo narrative, Reuters reported Tuesday morning that the accident, according to local police, caused the death of one police officer. 

Xinhua has reported that one of the policemen at the scene was “seriously injured” and that the driver of the Tesla was “detained by police”, according to the same Bloomberg report. 

We first posted about the accident on Monday after a prominent China-watcher posted that a Tesla had “run over two traffic cops in Zhejiang”. 

a Tesla runs over 2 traffic cops in Zhejiang #浙江一特斯拉撞倒两交警# https://t.co/a1asmg1gWM

— Bill Bishop (@niubi) May 17, 2021

Other Tweets on Monday purported to show video of the incident, which it appears Reuters has now confirmed as showing a “Tesla Model X next to two police officers lying on the ground after an accident.”: 

Very sad to see a Tesla injured two police officers (one with serious injuries) who were dealing with a separate accident with a vehicle stopped in the left lane in Taizhou, Zhejiang yesterday, according to the police report. It is not yet known if the Model X were on Autopilot. pic.twitter.com/0ujVLz7IHX

— Taylor Ogan (@TaylorOgan) May 17, 2021

The original Tweet linked back to a Weibo post, which when translated states “a Tesla knocked down two police trying to rescue the wounded”.

The Weibo post then linked to another post from Sina Video which appears to show someone laying on the ground with a stopped black Tesla in front of it.

The translated post said one officer is “seriously injured” and the “cause of the accident is under investigation”. 

The news came just moments after we were one of the first to report on Michael Burry’s newly-disclosed massive short position, via puts, in Tesla.

Tyler Durden
Tue, 05/18/2021 – 07:19

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