Tesla Unexpectedly Halts Sales Of Standard Range Model Y Without Explanation

Tesla Unexpectedly Halts Sales Of Standard Range Model Y Without Explanation

After all of the bluster and bombast behind the Model Y that we heard for years leading up to the “crossover” release, Tesla has “quietly” stopped taking orders for the base model of the car “mere weeks after launching it,” according to Yahoo Finance

Even the pro-Tesla lemmings over at electrek had to admit that the company’s broader pricing and configurator changes are “becoming hard to follow”. Could the volatility in pricing and offerings be because the company is being run by a Mountain Dew-guzzling, Monty Python watching, Fornite-playing, meme generating, Dogecoin-pumping, pot smoking manchild instead of an actual CEO? Apparently, Tesla’s board doesn’t seem to think so.

But we digress. At the moment, the only Model Y available is the $48,990 long range all wheel drive version. Electrek also noted that the idea of a base Model Y was not being embraced by Musk due to “unacceptably low” range:

Last month, Tesla launched a new Model Y Standard Range RWD with 244 miles of range. The launch was surprising considering CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla won’t produce the version of the Model Y because he said that the range would be “unacceptably low” at less than 250 miles. Tesla released the version of the vehicle with an EPA estimated range of 244 miles and a starting price of $42,000.

Shortly thereafter, Edmunds released a bombshell, claiming that “every single Tesla” they tested didn’t meet its EPA estimated range. This list included the 2020 Model Y Performance, which had a range of 263 miles versus a claimed range of 291 miles. We would have loved to have seen the base model’s range, when tested. 

“It’s not clear why Tesla dropped the Standard Range trim,” the Yahoo report says. It had just cut the base Model Y price to $39,900 just days prior.

Back in June 2020 we noted that the Model Y was getting horrific quality reviews. Names like Forbes and Electrek were weighing in with articles critical of Tesla’s newest Model. Complaints included issues with paint, trim issues, indentations on the seats and even loose seatbelts.

Even Kelly Blue Book was forced to make note of the awful quality of the vehicle it tested on its YouTube channel: “As for quality issues. Our car’s b-pillar trim doesn’t fit right and neither does this lower bumper trim, the rear door alignment is slightly off, the rear seats are similarly uneven, and there’s a loud rattle coming from the rear somewhere.

Electrek pointed out that one of the biggest problems a potential owner had when going to pick up his car was that “the backseat wasn’t attached to its base”.

One owner even sent the blog a photo of his backseats coming off, telling Electrek that he was “extremely disappointed by the quality control” of his vehicle.

Days prior to that we wrote that Tesla was having issues with ramping up production of the Model Y. 

Tyler Durden
Mon, 02/22/2021 – 14:49

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