The Agenda for Serfdom in the Land of the Free

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s dystopic novel Agenda 21 opens with the chilling line: They took Mother away today.  Written in collaboration with Harriet Parke, the novel creates a regimented world in which people are relocated from the countryside to cities, where, under constant surveillance and threat of punishment, they can do nothing but what the authorities decide.  The aged mother is taken away because for two days she failed to generate her quota of electricity by walking her energy board.  The adult daughter has tried to make up the quota and get food for two but has apparently been found out.  It’s a world where animals, plants, and the wilderness take primacy over humans.  And there are no property rights — or any rights, for that matter.  The Authority, drawing on a law called Agenda 21, takes care of everything.

It’s no coincidence that the frightening novel — which could well become a reality should the leftist global strategy succeed — is named after the U.N.’s Agenda 21.  Here’s how Rosa Koire, a land use and development expert, described the U.N. document: “an inventory and control plan of all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production all food, all energy, all information, and all human beings in the world.”  Even from that brief description of the opening of the novel, it’s easy to visualize the parallels with Koire’s fears: a seemingly innocuous plan of “sustainable development” for the 21st century is in fact a social engineering program to achieve global governance.  With surveillance, individual liberties will go, and with individual liberties gone, representative governments will perish.  The erosion of government as we know it has already begun — with the slow strangling of local government.

Agenda 21 was introduced at the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, along with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.”  Together, they toll the death knell for wealth creation and economic and personal liberty, based on the fallacious assumption that development will lead to the extinction of life on Earth.  With top-down controls, they aim to end local power and vest it in a global governance system.  Environment protection is the excuse and weapon for this draconian program to fundamentally transform human lives, force citizens to surrender their liberties, and enforce socialist global control.  The agenda is political.

The Convention on Biological Diversity was created under the pretense of restoring biodiversity in the U.S.  It was a proposal to set aside land in North America for “rewilding” — to protect biodiversity from human influence and reintroduce animals into areas of human habitation.  Anti–property rights directives that implemented a Wildlands agenda called for the eventual elimination of private property to use it for the “common good.”

The project was created in the 1990s by eco-terrorist David Foreman, who in 1979 had founded Earth First, the most militant environmentalist organization in the world.  His core beliefs show utter contempt for human life: “Life of the Earth comes first, not life of the people” and “We humans have become a disease — the Humanpox.”  And Reed Noss, co-author of the project, says, “The collective needs of nonhuman species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.”

Currently, 12%, or 100 million acres, of U.S. land is wilderness protected as wildlife refuges and national parks.  The project aims to convert at least 50% of land across North America to wilderness off-limits to humans.  Identified core wilderness areas are to be interconnected by wilderness corridors, also off-limits to humans, and surrounded by buffer zones where use of natural resources will be restricted.  Human populations are to be resettled into the remaining 25% of the land into communities deemed “sustainable” as depicted in a U.N. map.  Like in the novel, relocation to designated centers will be determined by central planning.

Slowly and stealthily, the conversion of land to conform to this agenda has been occurring for decades.  This is being achieved using condemnation, conservation easements, and regulations that offer no compensation for land takeover.  Originating from the U.N. and filtering down to local authorities, a comprehensive plan of action has been promoted that will take effect at global, national, and local levels.  The prime actors are government agency officials and powerful NGOs, using buzzwords such as “smart growth” and “sustainability” and programs such as the Green New Deal and the Rewilding Project.  They have successfully encroached into the domain of local governments with planning, water, energy, and historic preservation boards of unelected individuals with specific political agendas.

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