The Democrats, Some Republicans, China and Other Foreign Entities Are Planning to Run Out the Clock to Steal the Election – We Won’t Let Them

President Trump won the 2020 election with more votes than any candidate ever.  He crushed the old record set by Barack Obama in 2008 of 69 million votes. 

President Trump became the first candidate in US history to surpass 70 million votes.  His rallies and unscripted boat parades, car parades and more indicated a big win, but his win was extraordinary.

Of course, the President’s opponent was very weak.  This is why it is totally ridiculous unreasonable nonsense to even suggest that senile and basement dwelling Joe Biden overcame this record and won the 2020 election.  This was a steal.  It was the biggest criminal steal in world history and it must not be allowed.

Watkins Xerxes put together a piece at Medium (which they will no doubt soon take down) that makes some excellent points:

Whether you agree with them or not the CCP has well skilled, polished and professional lawyers. These attorneys obviously set up and planned these procedures, likely months in advance. With the goal of overthrowing our elected form of government with a game of procedure. Each step of the way, as they approach the next Boss in this game, the goal has been to run out the clock. Denying the President and his team from having any time with the ball. It is a bold position, but has been played before by many football coaches successfully. With a big enough offensive team, the defense can be neglected, or even ignored. Since the offense has total control of the ball. This game played to conclusion will leave the offense in a position of permanent offensiveness. Which will result in a win for team. Rules can even be ignored, because in this game the winning team writes the rules. Surely new rules will be instituted. That will nullify any fouls that were dealt the opposing team during the game. Why not, since the winner takes all forever in this game.

However, they forgot something. They made some strategic errors in their game plan. The biggest one being. This is not a game. It is an election. The election to determine the path of the greatest nation on earth. By continuing to treat it as a game. The defense allows the offense to simply run out the clock. Even though the defense is strong. The defense has all the current law and resources of the nation on its side. Yet, by playing the game the defense just allows the clock to run out in the offenses imaginary game.

The playing field the offense set up is completely rigged to their advantage. The referees have been paid to look the other way, and allow the clock to continue to run. The offense has been caught with to many players on the field, yet the referees look the other way. Even when the instant replay is clearly in favor of the defense. The referees are to busy counting their money to notice, and the clock continues to run down.

There will be pardons waiting at the end of the game for those that committed publicly visible crimes during the election. With the only requirement being that Joe Biden wins and is inaugurated in January 2021.

Mr. Xerxes suggests not playing the game.  Calling for a new game and a new election.  Bringing in the military if we have to.  The rules were rigged.  America deserves better.

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