The Disinformation of Misinformed Informers

Sources say there is far too much unapproved disinformation in the world today and it’s a tremendous threat to the approved disinformers.

Official sources say there is too much unofficial unapproved disinformation. Only official approved disinformation is allowed inside sources tell alphabet news networks.

Two officials with inside knowledge of unapproved disinformation tell alphabet news networks tonight that unofficial disinformation is a threat to the official informers’ disinformation monopoly.

Intel officials say that their disinformation monopoly is being undermined by people interested in honest information being peddled by unapproved disinformation sources.

Trusted sources are saying that Intel officials are worried that sources confirm that unapproved disinformation from people interested in honest information is the greatest threat to democracy. Alongside white supremacy of course. And the MAGA people.

Official inside intel sources who are to be trusted are saying that the third greatest threat to global security, energy security, chastity belt security, and your ability to buy baby formula is Russian disinformation. It’s the venomous pit viper of the disinformation kingdom. Unpredictable, poisonous, and potentially deadly if allowed to flow through a social body without the life-saving antidote provided by approved trust and safety profiled official fact-checkers.

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