“The Fed Is Our Master And ‘We The People’, Its Puppet” Argues Jekyll Author

“The Fed Is Our Master And ‘We The People’, Its Puppet” Argues Jekyll Author

Submitted By Daniela Cambone via Stansberry Research

The Federal Reserve has become so powerful over the years that its intended roles have entirely reversed and gone haywire, according to G. Edward Griffin, author of the book, many claim a financial bible – The Creature from Jekyll Island.

In a rare and exclusive interview, Griffin joined anchor Daniela Cambone on Stansberry Research to discuss the true nature of the Federal Reserve and its place in American society, foreshadowing a world without the institution as we know it. 

As Cambone points out, the controversial yet influential voice Griffin promulgates would be argued as necessary, among former Congressman Ron Paul and Robert Kiyosaki.

Griffin presents a stark reality that dives into the Fed’s foundational structure and how its practices are that of a “banking cartel.” 

On the surface, one might find it extreme to say that a private institution working in cohesion with the government is playing the role of “masters” to citizens. Griffin presents his argument accurately by pointing out how Chairman Powell and the Federal Reserve swiftly implemented economic policies contributing to the greatest wealth transfer in human history.

“The government doesn’t control the banks; the banks control the government,” he says to round out this servant-master metaphor. 

In a world where central bank digital currencies will inevitably be the new form of money, Griffin warns, people could lose control of their money because the banks could “just throw a switch and shut you out of your account if they don’t like you.”

He then says it’s crucial to hold “marketable assets” outside of what the banking cartel cannot control, such as valuable physical objects – to the likes of precious metals, noting that gold is only one of the few safe places to hide. 

Click the play button below to listen to Cambone’s interview with G. Edward Griffin. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 11/05/2021 – 20:20

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