The First Gas Station In Reno

When you get off I-80 at Exit 13 to go to downtown Reno, your gas tank might need a quick refill after the long drive through California to the border. Right there, perfectly located, is the Chevron at Sierra and 7th, where the Nevada gas is even more expensive than in California.

A plethora of Californians see $5 gas being sold at those pumps and miss orange man and wonder when we will be done with the illegitimate regime.

Orange man wasn’t perfect. He let corona communism take root under his watch and continues to preach the vaccine. Orange man had flaws. But orange man was better.

And the ability to say no to what is easy at that Chevron and to drive a block deeper into Reno, where gas is a buck fifty cheaper, reminds one of what life was like in California when the orange man occupied the White House. A little freer, a little more money, and a little cheaper.

All it takes is for a Californian to leave California, and it’s like a time warp to the past. But the rest of the country doesn’t have that luxury. They can’t cross a border to get orange man gas prices. We are running out of places to run to. Eventually, an animal feels cornered. But man seems to have an unlimited number of stories to reassuringly tell himself about how he’s not cornered.

You’re cornered.

There’s nowhere left to run to.

Stand and fight and fight now or you will have nothing left and no opportunity for your fight to matter. We may even have already passed that moment. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure we have a little bit more time.

But what can you do?

A Good Starting Place 

A good start is to divide your waking hours into thirds. Work. Family. Freedom.

Diligently, every day, multiple times a week, be with the patriots and freedom lovers around you building relationships, knowing how each collided with the tyrant in life that day, protecting one another in life, advancing each other’s goals, and pushing forward freedom. Every single day. Form your core of lions. Make it a tight knit unit. Social media won’t cut it.

You need to work less. You need to spend less. You need to spend more time with family. And you need to spend more time advancing personal freedom.

Forty, fifty, and sixty hour weeks at the salt mine can’t happen anymore. This is not the time for that. Different priorities are needed now. You need to figure out how to drop some hours.

In Bad Communist Times, You Have Little More Than Family 

Letting your family raise themselves can’t happen anymore. You need to add some hours to that effort. If things get bad, family will literally be all you have. And if you haven’t put in the time, that kid who you thought could “raise himself” will become the stool pigeon in your home. He didn’t raise himself. Lenin raised him.

Lenin was oft quoted in the communist lands with advice for students. “Učit sa, učit sa, učit sa,” is the abbreviated version of one famous saying accredited to Lenin that was written on a Slovak pin given to a young “pioneer,” a communist in training. It is often translated as “Learn, learn, learn,” but I find that an inaccurate translation, for learning is far too independent-minded of an action for anything hagiographically attributed to Lenin. I prefer to translate that into English as “Study, study, study.” School has always been where the next generation of communists are built. “The socialist man,” is what generations of communists theorized they could build from children if they could just get into their head early enough. The socialist man is to be the soulless building block of the communist utopia. They knew only with the most thorough brainwashing and the virtual alienation of family influence could that be accomplished.

Are You Spending Enough Time With The Kids? 

Dear reader, an hour by your side, watching you negotiate the trials and tribulations of life is worth more to a child than all the benefit that 40 hours of instruction and study under the tutelage of the academy will bring to your child. Don’t let the teachers union tell you otherwise. Don’t let that know-it-all in your life tell you otherwise. Don’t let Lenin tell you otherwise.

Can your kid connect with people? Can your kid string a few sentences together? Can your kid read? Can he or she write a five paragraph essay? Can he or she do math? Great! Keep them above grade level in those tasks and keep them with you the rest of the time. Make the kids your wing men. I really mean this. It’s not going to be their life who you navigate around, running them willy nilly to this and that activity. That’s not at all what I mean. It is your life that they are the wingman to. You guys are suddenly going to be spending a lot more time together, just doing the duties of your life in each other’s company. That’s the opposite of what the lie of “quality time is.” This is quantity time, the kind of time that builds unshakeable bonds. It’ll move more slowly at first. There’s no question about that. There may be resistance. Stay the course. Focus on the bond. Play the long game. Enjoy each others company. Eventually you guys will settle into the rhythm together. Have them walk through your life next to you.

All these parents are fighting critical race theory and winning battles against teachers unions. That’s awesome. I applaud them. But the real question is — What are they doing leaving their kids alone with monsters who would even suggest such ideas? 

Lenin is raising your kids. You can realize that now or you can painfully come to realize that as society bears down and your family really starts to matter as the only space for solace in the world. In bad times that really is true. There is literally no other place that you can feel at ease than inside your home. The list of countries in which that has been the case is very long. In some of those countries, even decades after totalitarian rule has stopped, people still don’t smile or show other positive emotion in public. The home really becomes the only refuge for some people.

The Attack On Home As The Only Refuge 

And then the government tries to get at even that. They come with gifts. They come insisting they will help. They bulldoze your family home of 300 years, flood the entire river valley for a hydroelectric project, and gift you a modern apartment in the city. Of course, it happens to be in a building in which no one knows you and every neighbor can hear whispers through your paper thin doors, through you meticulously placed vents for perfect eavesdropping, and even through your concrete walls that never seem to form perfect right angles with each other and always leave small crevices of space between you and the neighboring apartment. It’s not unheard of in post communist lands to be able to see from your bedroom into your neighbor’s bedroom through such a crevice. Is it poorly made or intentional? I don’t know.

At a moment like that is when you suddenly realize it sure would have been nice to spend ten fewer hours a week with your boss and ten more hours a week with your kid.

Because at a moment like that, you suddenly realize you’ve got Lenin’s mole living with you.

It’s a little different than your teenager coming home from college with goofy ideas and you guys never agreeing despite hours of sometimes tiring, sometimes whimsical debate. No, suddenly, it becomes clear that a child saying the wrong word about you to the wrong person will earn you all manner of retribution. Loss of passport. Loss of status in your industry. Loss of permission to work in your industry. Loss of ability to purchase imports. Depersoning. Maybe even a spot in the gulag.

Eating Dinner Each Night With Lenin’s Mole 

And you, like a useful idiot, will have no one to blame but yourself because you were focussed more on buying the next new toy than on building the bond with your kid. Your kid will be fine through the process of not being raised by you and being raised by Lenin instead. They built a bond with someone. It was a bond built with the reincarnation of Lenin. That bond can last you kid through life. It’s you who are toast though.

Did you really need that Starbucks every day? Did you really need the new car? Did you really need the extra bedroom? Was that all really worth sacrificing the bond with your kid over?

Was it really worth watching your favorite TV show those six hours a week instead of building the networks and relationship with freedom activists and protecting your little corner of the world from tyranny, back when it still mattered? Would it have been so hard to have requested the occasional 15 minute meeting with your local elected representatives back when your voice was still able to matter? Would it have been so hard to have befriended a few politicians? Would it have been so hard to go to the city council meeting? Or to have refused to comply once in a while and to have rallied a few others to do the same?

You May Like Communism 

Those who like work and like TV may love communism.

In communism you have all the mindless TV shows you want, all the pointless brain numbing work you want to volunteer to do, and nothing worth buying. That’s the future of the US on the current trajectory, unless decisively prevented in the months ahead.

You may think it’s not possible in the US.


You’re a fool if you think we are not already living in communist America.

When I say that this is communist America, I don’t mean some tired Republican talking point about Kalifornia gun grabbers. Democrats, Republicans, you and me, with so much of our actions in life encourage, enable, and accept this communism that in some areas of life rivals anything that was ever seen in the USSR. The USSR was openly communist, openly atheist — both their government and their state — but with all that, they could still never close down the churches. The people wouldn’t let them. The United States, in contrast is not officially atheist, has “In God We Trust” on our money and the pastors led the closing of the churches. They couldn’t be bothered to even write a letter to government saying “I think you are making a mistake” or to go to a judge and say “I think the executive branch of this state is breaking the laws passed by the legislative branch of this state.”

American communism is here. It began around the Ides of March 2020 and has continued to this day, some places better enforced, other places not, but even in those places, so many people obediently comply when told to. Whether it be to wear a face mask, take the jab, or hand over their gun, those who comply with a little evil will reliably comply with great evils. Yes American communism is here. That’s a hard one to debate. It’s American totalitarianism that isn’t here yet, and that gives us a little time to stop this madness before it’s too late.

It All Felt So Normal 

Don’t be surprised if you can’t see it. Almost no one lives through communism realizing they are living through communism. Almost no one lives through totalitarian rule realizing they are living through totalitarian rule. Life just incrementally changes. Everything feels so normal.

“Everything just felt so normal,” and statement like that were repeated so many times to me by people who lived twenty, thirty, forty years under communism.

At some point society gains so much momentum toward the total control by its government that there’s no stopping it. The free man who sees it is left with three options in your own life: You go to the gulag, you escape to a freer country (That doesn’t exist in 2021), or you cooperate?

You can’t see that it’s too late until it’s too late though. You can’t see the slippery slope until you are already tumbling way way down it. That’s a story I’ve realized over and over again after interviewing hundreds who lived through that moment and lived through communism.

Corona communism worked so well that the 2.0 version is ready for release. The graduation from communism to totalitarians is being planned. Each autumn the flu season moves into full swing, and the sniffles become common place. They can, at a moment like that, shove every untested, data-barren, nonsense theory about colds and flus at you. And it’s coming. Attempts at controlling you that you’ve never imagined are weeks away.

They know if they can fill you with nonsense about the details of each variant, and fill you with fear about their inflated harm to you, and distract you with solutions that do not work, then they can get you to do almost anything.

We Have Not Reached The Point Of No Return 

I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure we have a little bit more time, before the gulags become an inevitability of American life.

I’m not saying the gulags will be here next year. But what I’m saying is that if you wait much longer there will be nothing anyone can do to stop the gulags. And when I write gulag, I mean a camp where people who don’t cooperate are sent to slowly rot away from planned malnourishment until they die. Regimes throughout history have used them. When someone is already slated to die, it becomes much more ethically justified in the minds of some sociopaths for a guard to help that process along. The places tend to be quite brutal.

People joke about the already built FEMA camps. At some point the establishment of gulags becomes reality. Many regimes have used them. No-longer-convenient friend to the regime and inconvenient foe to the regime alike get herded into them.

If they were to become a reality in this era, it would be normal to expect to see a CNN personality there, a lockstep duck walking congressman’s son, and perhaps the congressman as well, though probably not on the same camp, the bag boy who used to yell at you about face mask compliance at the grocery store, the woke billionaire who ran the company you used to work for, the local health department enforcer, your child’s teacher and others just like that who were obedient friends to the regime may all end up working in the gulag right next to you.

That powerful players end up in gulags should be a testament to how unavoidable they become once a society reaches the point of no return.

The opportunity exists. The chance to stop it all in your own life remains. As people make dramatic decisions in their own lives and take baby steps toward fighting, their lives suddenly become the most effective enemies of the tyrant. Lions awoken suddenly do things that bring an end to tyranny. It needs no central planning. It just happens. And it happens brilliantly. You don’t need to move Everest, you just need to look at the mountains in your own life and move them. All that is needed is for the lion to awake and be fully engaged.

It just comes down to a personal decision. That’s it. The rest works itself out. Men who history books will be written about are this very morning playing a video game on a couch somewhere, pretending they are a lion, rather than being the lion they can be. So much hinges on that lion stepping forward. So much of history is shaped by men and women simply stepping forward at committing themselves to make the immediate world around them more free.

What It Comes Down To 

It comes down to your personal decision.

When are you going to say no? When are you going to stand against the nonsense?

This is the last free summer they have planned for you. Are you going to spend it in frivolity, or are you going to spend it making sure their plans for you are ruined? 

We don’t have to stop there. We can make sure their plans for you are ruined so badly and they end up so burned in the process, that some of them decide to never try to make a plan for you again.

Come the start of flu season in October, the future will have been set in stone. Either we have seen our last free summer, this summer, the summer of 2021, or we will have bought ourselves another free year.

And don’t belittle that extra year. Because whether they realize it or not, every free society in the history of civilization has done exactly that: bought themselves another free year. They engage in the behaviors that keep the tyrant out of their own lives and enough of them do it so that the tyrant is kept out of many lives. One year at a time, freedom progresses, under constant vigilance. Absent the vigilance, freedom wanes.

But Why Me? 

“But why me?” some people say. Because you’re alive. It is the duty of a free man to be vigilant about his freedom in life or that free man loses his freedom in life. It’s that simple, and it’s not an outsourceable task.

Are you doing everything you can right now to buy us, to buy yourself, another year of freedom?

Because anyone paying attention can see that there are millions of people working very hard right now to make sure this summer is your last taste of freedom.

They don’t have 41 years of communism planned for you either, like those weak willed cuck KGB socialists were able to pull off in some of the USSR satellites. No, these psychopaths are planning your next 400 years for you and your offspring.

If we don’t stop it, by this November 2021, nothing you do will matter anymore. We have weeks to make that not the case.

That’s where we are at.

Now what are you going to do about it?

You need to never wear the face mask again. You need to push back on every mandate in your life. You need to accept the pain that comes with that. The near term pain is far easier than the years of pain that will come from handing your country and your home over to these people. You need to prioritize between necessary and frivolous in your life. Family, freedom, and work need your attention and work cannot be the priority. With a foundation like that, what to do next suddenly becomes far more obvious. Time is very short. “Face Masks in One Lesson, my writing, and the email newsletter at are places where I dedicate my time to this. I rise every morning to fight this awful tyrant alongside my fellow lions and I share those fights in these pages. Our pride of lions needs you fully activated. 

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