The Latest Peril: Hugging Your Kids

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From the Tom Woods Letter:

Last week, UK readers found this headline in the Evening Standard: “Vaccinated Brits told not to hug kids amid fears millions will ignore Covid rules once they have jab.”

So after the vaccine you still can’t hug your children?

That’s weird enough, but weirder still is:

Have people actually not been hugging their own children all this time? Was that really one of the “Covid rules”?

I could sit here and cite paper after paper that emphasizes the importance of hugging to children’s mental health — honestly, I could — but is there anyone who actually needs a paper on that?

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just asked for a six-month extension of government powers to impose lockdowns and related “mitigation” measures.

Esther McVey, co-founder of the Blue Collar Conservatives caucus and a former cabinet minister, is among the resistance (an actual resistance, not the phony-baloney leftist “resistance” of the past four years), and she says the kinds of things we wish more public figures in the United States would say.

“It is absolutely essential,” insists McVey, “that once the most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated the government start easing the lockdowns.

“These restrictions are doing huge damage to people’s livelihoods and mental health in particular, and the government must start to stand up to those siren voices who want lockdowns and restriction to become a near-permanent feature of our lives.”

If the government doesn’t “start making rapid headway in doing that,” she warns, “it will be the duty of Parliament to remove these swingeing [severe] powers from them.”

She has also accused the government of stoking fear by using exaggerated numbers.

Thus the government insisted on a mass early release of prisoners because an estimated 2700 would die of the virus. In the event, 47 died.

“I appreciate that these estimates aren’t an exact science,” said McVey, “but the difference between a prediction of 2700 to the reality of 47 is embarrassing to say the least, and shows why the government must not hand over total policy control to the scientists who are clearly not infallible with their predictions.”

Conservative MP Sir Desmond Swayne demands that there be public discussion of the ending of the lockdowns and when it will occur.

“It seems to me that Boris has been completely taken over,” he says. “He’s completely given over to these people and as a consequence there’s a complete lack of any sense of urgency on the need to lift restrictions.”

“Remember, the issue was to protect the NHS, stop the NHS being overwhelmed by hospital admissions. Clearly, as we vaccinate that proportion of the population most likely to be hospitalized were they to be infected, that risk of the NHS being overwhelmed diminishes.

“They should be planning now at what stage they will lift the restrictions. At what proportion of the most vulnerable being vaccinated will the risk be acceptable?

“That’s the sort of thing they ought to be taking us into their confidence [about] and debating in public now. But what we’re getting is this mission creep.”

Back in the U.S., Joe Biden just said, “I feel confident that by summer we’re going to be well on our way to, heading toward, herd immunity.”

Make of that what you will.

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