The Left Inverted – Or Merely Coming Clean?

The New York Auto Show is no more – once again. The Krankleiter of New York City has so decreed. This is the second year in a row there will be no show. There may never be another show, since there always be a new “variant” to justify not having one.

Of not having anything, anymore.

It is interesting – the inversion. Of Leftism. Which has become the ideology of suppression – of everything it once feigned opposition to, such as restrictions on free speech (there was a whole “Free Speech” movement in the ‘60s, ostensibly of the Left). Of hassling people who were different and choosing to be so, even if others disagreed.

And of course, segregation – which it now fiercely demands.


(It was predominantly the Left that advocated and practiced it, on racial grounds.)

This biological segregation – the altered vs. the unaltered – is new in form but familiar. It is a kind of facet of the Left’s equally fierce segregation of thought into correct and not correct. The latter leading, inevitably, to the former. If you are not allowed to disagree with the Left without being punished then why should you be allowed to exist without being punished, if your existence is disagreeable to the Left?

The Left made much hay, back in the ’60s, of events such as the Chicago police being sicced upon people attending the Democratic National Convention. Fascists! The cry was heard across the land, betraying a lack of comprehension of the term.

Or perhaps more accurately, honesty.

These same Leftists are now and have always been the fascists – they are the heads of the corporations in bed with the government – the thing which defines fascism – using their combined power to brutalize the entire nation. That is fascism. An honest definition. Just the same as hypochondria, to describe the manufactured obsession with and fear of sickness now afflicting the land.

Manufactured by the Left, which uses its control of the corporations that control the organs that manufacture the “news,” which only reports that which the Left approves – over and over and over again, having learned the lesson taught by an earlier docktor of fascism, Joseph Goebbels – who taught that a lie must be repeated endlessly (and ubiquitously) in order to create the impression of its truth. Thus the media-watching populace was immersed in a daily – and hourly – case count, which was never juxtaposed against a body count – which would have made plain the ratio of “cases” to bodies and that would have made plain the evil absurdity of “locking down” the country Of forcing kids – and healthy adults – to wear “masks.”

Wasn’t it conservatives – according to the Left – that were the mongers of police state tactics? Conservatives never created concentration camps for American citizens. Leftists – Franklin Roosevelt – did that. FDR was of course a fascist. He even used the symbols of modern fascism – including the Eagle and the fasces, or bundled sticks – after the fashion of his political role model, Benito Mussolini. FDR was also the fascist who stole the American people’s gold – and made it a crime for them (but not him) to own it.

Before him, there was Wilson – who sicced armed agents of the state upon anyone who raised questions about his policy toward Germany, or even said something favorable about sauerkraut. People were arrested and caged without due process and held on spurious charges for nonexistent (under the Constitution) crimes. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer was a kind of prototype and precedent for the current one.  As Wilson himself was for the current occupant of the next-highest office.

The bete noire of the old Left – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover – was hired by Wilson’s Justice Department (sic) and headed the Alien Enemy Bureau, those “enemies” being anyone that the Wilson regime disliked. These were summarily arrested and jailed; the threat of both being sufficient to suborn the fear-driven submission of all potential “enemies.”

If it has a familiar ring, it should.

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