The Manifold Dangers of Pretending To Be the Opposite Sex

In 2015, during the Obama administration, the Supreme Court ruled that the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment requires states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  This decision — which made the final pronouncement on the first major battle about gender confusion — rendered meaningless the distinction between men and women.  It was no longer necessary for a married couple to comprise a male and a female.  In a marriage, there could now be two husbands or two wives.

The weekend prior to this ruling, Bruce Jenner, a former decathlete who won gold in the 1976 Olympics, came out as transgender and won an award for courage” for doing so.  Thus began the linking of sexual orientation and gender identity that cemented the transformation of LGB to LGBT.  In the following years, Hollywood and the media sought to mainstream transgenderism by highlighting it in TV shows, movies, and articles.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration began pushing legal mandates that characterized gender identification — whether in education, health care, housing, or the military — as a civil rights issue.  An individuals “gender identification,” not biological sex, would be the criterion for determining admittance to public schools, sports teams, washrooms, locker rooms, showers, dorms, and the like.

The dogmatism and irrational haste surrounding so-called anti-discriminatory” gender policies and the notion of gender fluidity” have made it nearly impossible to voice alternative views.  This not only is unhealthy for society but deprives the gender dysphoric — that is, people who are uncomfortable with their sex — of balanced counseling and a reasonable amount of time to arrive at how they want to be identified and whether they want so-called “sex change” surgery.  As a matter of course, counselors driven by the false narrative of trapped in the wrong body” impose gender reassignment on confused youths, often causing untold trauma.

In his book When Harry Became Sally, Ryan T. Anderson, an American political philosopher and currently the president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, exposes the shocking contrast between the glowing, politically charged media accounts of transitioning” and the horror stories of regret — of children and adolescents badgered and hastened into making irreversible physical changes when what they really needed was psychotherapy to help them accept themselves and live in harmony with their bodies.  Sharing his insights into the harsh reality of being transgender in America today, Anderson presents a side of the story that is not generally available for parents and troubled youths.

The book has borne the brunt of the dogmatism surrounding the topic.  It has been canceled on Amazon, the first book to be banned under a policy not to sell certain content determined to be hate speech.”  But the worlds top bookseller has no qualms about selling Adolf HitlerMein Kampf.   (And strangely, the Fireside Reads edition, Summary of When Harry Became Sally, is available on the website.)

As early as 1965, Johns Hopkins University was at the forefront of gender fluidity studies and even founded a gender identity clinic.  Seeing no psychological benefit from “gender-change” surgery, Paul McHugh, a psychiatrist at the universitys school of medicine, dissuaded his colleagues from the practice.  He believed that being transgender was largely a psychological, not a biological problem, and encouraged psychotherapy to help patients comfortably live within the parameters of their sex.  He viewed the “reassignment” trend as a response to political pressure and felt that manipulation of human nature was illegitimate, as sex is truly immutable.  McHughs evidence-based approach to gender dysphoria prevailed at the institution until 2016 when it began performing body-modifying procedures once again.

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