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The nauseating hypocrisy of the murderous criminocrats winter oak on March 8, 2024 at 7:26 am

by Paul Cudenec

It’s very difficult to identify a weak spot in the defences of the multi-trillion-dollar global complex that has seized control of pretty much everything.

But I would suggest that there is one broad area of vulnerability, linked to the issue of false-flag terrorism, as discussed in a recent piece.

There I described how evidence points to the Manchester Arena “bombing” of 2017 being a fake, staged, event. The same looks to be true, as this video shows, of the Boston Marathon “bombings” of 2013.

A sceptical friend, well aware of the ruthless brutality of the system, asked me why on earth it would need to go to all that trouble of employing a cast of actors – and relying on the silence of so many complicit individuals – when it could simply have sent in its usual remote-controlled terrorists to carry out a real outrage.

The answer, I think, comes in a comment made in the OffGuardian presentation of my article, which says it was all about “eliminating calls for justice from the families of dead victims or the injured themselves. No awkward questions to answer or calls for more extensive public enquiries”.

Angry and utterly determined family members had been a thorn in the side of the false-flag terrorism organisers both in the USA after 9/11 and in the UK following the horrific atrocity in London on July 7 2005.

The significance of this considerable threat to the official narrative – which probably prompted the switch to faked events – is echoed in an expanded 2020 version of the 7/7 Ripple Effect video by researcher Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill).

Like Richard D. Hall, who investigated the fake Manchester event, he was attacked by the British state via both the BBC and the legal system for his forensic dismantling of the story fed to the public.

Muad’Dib explains how he was held in prison in London for several days (out of a total of more than 100 days behind bars on this issue) on dubious charges relating to the distribution of his original film – which he says had been viewed by millions of people – and only finally released on bail after the end of the official 7/7 enquiry.

This was, he thinks, because the system was frightened that he would meet survivors, and families of the victims, and share his eye-opening insights (and DVDs!) with them.

Detailed investigative work carried out by Muad’Dib, along with Hall and Nick Kollerstrom, suggests very strongly indeed that the official story of what happened on 7/7 is an odious lie.

The explosions on three tube trains and a bus were not caused by the four supposed Muslim “bombers”, it appears, but by shadowy forces using these young men as patsies in their scheme.

There are several revelations in the film that back up the hypothesis, outlined in my previous article, that large-scale “Islamist” terror attacks like this were staged to advance the long-term Zionist agenda.

The then-PM Tony Blair – who was suspiciously quick off the mark to blame Muslims before any such evidence had been produced – is closely linked to the Rothschilds, the Zionist gang who brought the Israeli state into being.

Israeli technology firms were heavily involved in the CCTV systems which mysteriously failed to record key moments and the double-decker bus was blown up outside the Tavistock Square offices of ICTS, a Dutch-registered security firm that, according to Wikipedia, is “an Israeli company owned and operated by senior officers of the Mossad”.

One of ICTS International’s subsidiaries, Huntleigh USA, was “the airline security and passenger screening company that was responsible for the passengers that boarded the flights at Boston and Newark prior to the 9/11 attacks”.

An earlier, archived, version of that Wikipedia page also reveals that the firm’s security system came under scrutiny as part of “the international investigation into how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was able to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 with explosive materials, garnering criticism for ‘its possible responsibility for the security failure at Schiphol’.” 

It adds: “While this story was widely reported in the Israeli and European press, mainstream media outlets in the United States gave it no coverage. ICTS was also responsible for security at the Charles de Gaulle Airport where Richard Reid, the ‘shoe bomber’, boarded American Airlines Flight 63 in December 2001”.

Needless to say, like 9/11 and 7/7, both these ICTS-related incidents are officially linked to “Islamists”…

Current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in London on the morning of 7/7 and told media he had been warned shortly before the blasts not to leave his hotel.

Although he initially claimed this tip-off had come from British police, it was later stated that it was from Israeli secret service agency Mossad.

How did they know?

A hint at the answer came from an incredible Freudian slip by Israeli “security expert” (Mossad operative) Juval Aviv when he told Fox News in July 2007: “It is easy to put a truck bomb, as we did – as happened! – in London”.

You can see the damning clip on the video made by Muad’Dib, who concludes that 7/7 was either a MI5 operation, a Mossad operation, or a joint operation between the two.

Some kind of complicity between the UK and Israeli states is clearly implied. How could Israel, alone, mount a false-flag attack of this scale in London, without British security services at the very least knowing about it?

The elephant in the room here is that these two intelligencies agencies are, in truth, nothing more than two departments of the same overall entity, that I have termed the criminocracy.

This entity started to make itself more visible four years ago, when Operation Covid was sprung, to kick-start the Great Reset.

It rapidly became clear to millions that not only was the “pandemic” a lie, but it was a lie that was being told and imposed – using the same narrative and language – across the world by states, institutions, media, big businesses, celebrities and religious leaders.

The outbreak of “conspiracy theories” of which the system so often complains was the inevitable result of it dropping its usual pretence and revealing itself as the centrally co-ordinated public-private global entity that it actually is.

Anyone paying attention could see that this was so.

At the same time as people started to notice the existence of this entity, they also became aware of its nature.

It was not in the least benevolent. It cared nothing for people’s suffering or death. It was lying to us and laughing at us for believing it.

It was up to its neck in corruption; profiteering; money-laundering; drug dealing; child trafficking; polluting; racketeering and warmongering.

At the same time it pretended to represent democracy, decency and humanity.

It was not only a criminal entity but an utterly hypocritical one.

The nature of the elephant in the room became even more obvious after events in Gaza, from October 2023. Not instantly, perhaps, because reports of the terror attacks on Israelis were shocking, but after several weeks, when the totally disproportionate nature of the Israeli “response” became apparent.

With Israeli flags projected on to Downing Street, the Eiffel Tower and other public buildings; with politicians refusing to condemn Israel; calls for a ceasefire being called “anti-semitic”; dissent rebranded as “hate”; censorship and cancellation of pro-Palestinian voices; hysteria whipped up about terrorists in our midst, it was Covid (and Ukraine) all over again.

The link was confirmed by the involvement of pro-Zionist “think tanks” like the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which had already been trying to conflate anti-lockdown protests with “anti-semitism”.

Even the tone of the pro-Israel voices was strangely familiar.

David Rovics, the left-wing Jewish and anti-Zionist musician, reported on March 2 that in just one week he had received more than 2,000 abusive messages on Facebook from Zionist trolls.

He added: “The style and methods of the pro-Israel trolls are absolutely and completely identical to the style and methods of the allegedly ‘antifascist’ trolls who have been targeting me actively since January, 2021″.

So, after Covid showed us that the global entity existed and that it was a deeply unpleasant one – a criminocracy in fact – its reaction to the Gaza genocide has confirmed that it is also pro-Zionist.

I say “confirmed” because by 2022 I had already thoroughly researched the crucial role in that criminocracy of the aforementioned Rothschild family, so proud of their part in creating Israel.

It is certainly a problem that Zionism is so central to the criminocracy, given that, as we have seen in the last few months, it embraces a fanatic, ruthless, murderous contempt for the lives of those outside its own group that the world has not seen since Hitler’s Nazi regime.

But you could say that it is not specifically the Zionist factor that is the essential issue, since it would be a bad thing for any small ethno-political group to be exerting such domination over the rest of the people of the world.

Actual democracy is not possible under such circumstances. The ruling group in any country is governing on behalf of the global entity. It is therefore acting in the interests of that entity and not in those of the country concerned or of its population.

This is a colonial form of government, of the kind long imposed all across the world by the criminocracy in the guise of its British Empire and Pax Americana.

What people living in “the West” have to realise is that they too are colonial subjects of an empire that regards them as nothing more than “human capital”.

This colonial mindset can clearly be seen every time that subject peoples express their spirited opposition to the grim future being forced upon them; to the destruction of their culture; to the abolition of their freedom and to the erosion of their standard of living.

The smears are rolled out and the shock troops are sent in.

However, it is the very fact that criminocratic rule is colonial that makes it more vulnerable than you might think.

Despite its near-complete capture of institutional power and its unlimited access to money, its core amounts to a very small group of people.

Such a small group cannot directly or openly impose its rule on 8 billion human beings, but needs the help of intermediaries who are not part of its in-group and thus would not support that in-group’s very narrow and self-interested agenda, if they were fully aware of it.

The criminocrats therefore have to use manipulative lies and illusions to trick millions upon millions of people into working on their behalf.

These individuals (and groups) imagine that they are putting their life energy into doing good, protecting the nation, defending democracy, fighting for social justice or saving the planet.

But in truth they are advancing the interests of a global entity that has no interest at all in the well-being of their country or of humankind as a whole, that couldn’t care less about the health of the planet, that spits on real social justice and for which actual democracy will always necessarily be a threat to its colonial occupation, rather than something it intends to uphold.

This deceit-based relationship with its local footsoldiers, and with the public as a whole, is the global criminocracy’s weak point, its Achilles heel – and it knows it.

That’s why it has always made sure that it controls people’s perception of reality through its newspapers, its radio and its TV.

That’s why it sends its employees on brainwashing courses, to dull their critical senses and indoctrinate them with its globalist dogma.

That’s why it gets so angry about “conspiracy theorists” casting doubt on its version of the truth, rolling out all its usual triggering language such as “denial”, “hate”, “extremist”, “far right” and “anti-semitic”.

It knows that if ever its intermediaries – the people from the colonised populations tricked into working for their oppressors’ agenda – realised what was really going on, they would withdraw consent from its agenda.

After all:

* Who could be happy about working for an entity that invented a fake pandemic in order to cruelly humiliate you: to lock you in your own home; muzzle you; deprive you of your livelihood; tear you apart from your loved ones; browbeat you into being injected with a dangerous experimental chemical and then label you a menace to society when you dare to challenge this?

* Who could be happy about working for an entity that cheats and lies and threatens and blackmails and kills in order to get what it wants; a criminal gang that has nothing but contempt for your fellow countrymen and women?

* Who could be happy about working for an entity that regards you, your family and your friends as its possessions, its slaves, and aims to herd your children and grandchildren into smart-city concentration camps to be fed on insects and chemical nutrients, wired up to the Matrix and turned into sources of sustainable profit for “impact” parasites?

* Who could be happy about working for an entity that deliberately starts and prolongs world wars in order to increase its profits and its power, callously sacrificing the lives of millions of ordinary people for its own corrupt self-interest?

* Who could be happy about working for an entity that is currently committing genocide in Gaza and, at the same time, using this crime to claim that “the usual recipes for international problem-solving are no longer fit for purpose” and that therefore a new system of global governance is required? (Iain Davis quotes the Lowy Institute, which he describes as a “Rothschild think tank”, as saying just this, with the WEF echoing the call for a “multi-polar” New World Order).

* And, coming back to the false-flag terrorism issue, who could be happy about working for an entity that brutally blows to pieces your fellow citizens, blames its enemies, sheds crocodile tears, covers up the truth and then informs you that you are a threat to society if you try to tell people what you think really happened?

The answer is, of course, that nobody with any decency could be happy working for such an entity – if they realised what it was doing!

It is hard to imagine how any ruling complex could be any more depraved, sadistic, murderous, inhuman, duplicitous and nauseatingly hypocritical than the one in power today.

This is why, in Our Quest for Freedom, I insist upon the necessity of exposing the criminocracy before we can set about defeating it.

When the truth about the criminocracy’s existence and utterly odious activities is known to those who currently work for it, the situation will rapidly change.

Even if these people don’t walk out of their job, or quit the controlled organisation to which they belong, their participation will be less enthusiastic, even obstructive.

There are subtle ways of sabotaging any job, any role, if you are so inclined. You drag your heels, you look the other way, you throw little spanners into the works whenever you get the chance.

Very quickly, the criminocracy will find itself defended only by a disintegrating army of disenchanted mercenaries – permanently alienated from its agenda and hoping only for a chance to slip away from the fray.

And up against them will be a resistance movement motivated by righteous life-affirming anger and sworn to keep fighting until the evil empire is finally brought down.

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 winter oakby Paul Cudenec It’s very difficult to identify a weak spot in the defences of the multi-trillion-dollar global complex that has seized control of pretty much everything. But I would suggest that there is one broad area of vulnerability, linked to the issue of false-flag terrorism, as discussed in a recent piece. There I described … Continue reading The nauseating hypocrisy of the murderous criminocrats

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