The Next One: Autumn 2024

After everything that’s transpired over the past eighteen months, they haven’t bothered to recall any toxic poisons posing as “vaccines.” That’s how we know they’re working as intended.

What other explanation could there be that “health” agencies haven’t recalled such deadly and destructive injections if they didn’t want the death and destruction to continue?

They’re still promoting the boosters, and simultaneously fear-mongering a new Covid “variant” that in their words “escapes the vaccines,” all while ignoring the sudden death “coincidences” happening on youth sports fields, at sports journalists’ desks, in airline cockpits and on live television programs for all the world to pretend there’s nothing to see there.

That’s seriously their latest message:

Get your booster to protect yourself and others from a variant that is vaccine-resistant.

Corky Thatcher from Life Goes On must have been promoted to Year Three Plandemic Chief Narrative Manager at Globopsyops HQ.

The greatest satirists of any generation couldn’t come up with the material these cretins now produce, and it takes a special kind of dysfunctional brain to buy into any of it. Some might call those who still believe these narratives, severely retarded.

RETARDFrom Latin and French; Re-again; Tard-late

In a satirical short film script I published last February called The Heavenly Halftime Show, I mocked the comic obviousness of past and current events prepared for the world by our bioterrorist Malthusian overlords.

It’s a satire about future Super Bowl halftime shows starring one lucky contestant chosen from people all over the world who spins a wheel of pandemic viruses to determine what will be released as that year’s deadly global virus. A group of Pharma executives and the head of DARPA (Deadly Advanced Respiratory Pathogenic Acquisition) spin a second wheel that determines which continent gets the limited “vaccines” that are already prepared and waiting for distribution for whichever virus is the winner on the first spin.

We might as well be living in that world already.

The first SARS virus from 2002 was an attempt to usher in a plandemic. You might recall the media at the time was doing its best to pump fear around the world, but it didn’t spread as they hoped. Dr. David Martin has revealed that the first SARS was a lab-created virus with patents filed by Fauci’s NIAID between 1999 and 2001. They tried again in 2009 with the swine flu but that didn’t take either.

If at first you do not succeed, follow the Rockefeller playbook, corner the vaccine market, buy the media and the World Health Organization, populate all governments with loyal puppets, especially in their secret police alphabet agencies, and regulatory institutions, and try again.

Social media’s ghastly dot gov controlled tentacles and the corrupt unification of all corporate media under one giant propaganda umbrella where behavioral psychologists prepare the scripts, headlines, music, and language helped lay the groundwork in January 2020 for the present Covid operation that bureaucratic functionaries and demented executive puppets still insist is an “emergency.”

They war-gamed all of them over the decades under different operation names and event titles: Dark Winter, SPARS, Atlantic Storm, Clade-X, and Event 201.

In 2016 they even let X-Files creator Chris Carter program a few aspects of their current operation into the collective psyche of the social body through episode storylines that included gene tampering and immune system corruption delivered via trojan horse vaccines.

Wherever they failed with their first attempts, they cleaned things up and tightened the messaging, delivery, psychological manipulation, and narrative controls.

There’s always a paper trail and a financial trail, and since they love to advertise their agenda ahead of time, there’s really no secret about what they’re doing as they do it. To believe this is to become two things that are really one and the same: a survivor and a conspiracy theorist.

And so as they prepare the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that, the conspiracy theorists will inherit the earth and be responsible for taking out the trash and cleaning up the mess.

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