The Obama Revolution

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Back in 2008, while the masses flocked to Obama to save them from Dick Cheney, those waking up to the American nightmare could clearly see how he was a puppet to Wall Street and the big banks – and also, to the military/industrial complex.

Their profits soared as the anti-war movement disappeared.

Obama even had an American citizen killed with a drone strike while eating dinner.

Obama loved predator drones and he normalized the unending war.

At first, Obama was not threatened by the election of Donald Trump. He had the all-powerful media on his side.

But that didn’t last. Trump got elected and Obama helped lead a massive attack against him with the entire establishment, mainstream media loyal Democrats.

And by the time the 2020 Election was stolen right before our eyes, there was no doubt that Joe Biden was a puppet.

But whose puppet?

Obama and Clinton are puppets, along with at least 99% of all the Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

And it’s not even a government, anymore. It’s a criminal cabal, made up of several crime families and corporations that see the people as a commodity.

And now, while being exposed to some of the biggest crimes in American history, they’re stealing every last penny from the American People, creating a worldwide famine and provoking a war with a country that is showing off ways they can nuke We, the People into oblivion.

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that their government stop sending weapons to Ukraine and urging them to move towards a peaceful resolution.

While in America, it seems as if everyone is just going about their business, waiting for the next election, as if it’s just a series on Netflix we are watching.

But if we sit and do nothing, as we watch them start a nuclear war, are we innocent?

The US Government is training Ukrainian soldiers in Germany and supplying Ukraine with hundreds of newly-declassified “suicide drones”.

The liars and thieves inhabiting the US Government are starting this war for their own puppet masters.

But they are no one special; just Old Money with centuries of fraud and we outnumber them 10,000-to-one, conservatively.

They’re not going to stop and now that they’re being exposed, it’s just going to get worse.

And so, wouldn’t it be beautiful if We, the People can stand up for what’s right and stop World War III?

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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